Interpreting Cervical Mucus and getting pregnant

cervical mucus interpretation

Learn to interpret the cervical mucus correctly to get pregnant and determine your fertile days in the cycle. I’ll give you my top tips in this paper! What is the Cervical Mucus? Cervical mucus is the secretion that is formed in your cervix and then passes through your Vagina to the outside. The more Estrogens are in your body, the more the amount and water content of your cervical mucus increases. The Estrogens, and thus the water content of the mucus, increase until ovulation. For this reason, cervical mucus is one of the most important ovulation signs to determine the fertile days in the cycle. However, the cervical mucus is not only a marker for the fertile days, but it [...]

Basal Thermometer Thermometer iSnow SNO-T02 in a Test

iSnow Basal Thermometer

Is the basal thermometer iSnow SNO-T02 suitable for determining the fertile days in the cycle with the Symptothermal Method? My test report on the range of functions, operation and much more. With the iSnow-T02 basal thermometer I have found an international Symptothermal Method thermometer, which is available in many countries and languages and is also suitable for Symptothermal Method beginners to determine the fertile days. But – is the iSnow basal thermometer really suitable for Symptothermal Method application to determine the fertile days if you wish to have a child? You will learn about functionality, operation and design in my test report. What can the iSnow SNO-T02 basal thermometer do? The iSnow SNO-T02 is a very simple basal thermometer that [...]

My Domotherm Rapid Basal Thermometer Experiences

Domotherm Rapid Basalthermometer

My experience with the cheap Domotherm Rapid Basal thermometer including test report to the user manual, features and more. Again and again, I get the question, which is the cheapest and affordable Basal Thermometer. Today I would like to introduce it to you: It is the Domotherm Rapid. By the way, I started measuring my basal temperature with this thermometer in 2009. Like all thermometers, in this review, I will rate the functionality, operation and design of this thermometer. Features – What can Domotherm Rapid Basal Thermometer do? The Domotherm Rapid Basal Thermometer is very simple. It has a flexible tip that facilitates oral measurement under the tongue. In addition, it can store a temperature value so that the value [...]

Master of Menstrual cycle

menstrual cycle

How does the menstrual cycle work? Increase your knowledge of your body and the fertile days and become a Master of Menstrual cycle in just 5 minutes! The menstrual cycle begins on the first day of the menstrual period and ends on the last day before the next menstrual period. The length of the menstrual cycle can vary from woman to woman and from menstrual cycle to menstrual cycle. Usually, the menstrual cycle lasts 23 to 35 days. Contrary to the presentation of many textbooks, most women do not have a 28-Days menstrual cycle. In a study of 10,000 cycles of healthy women, only 13% had a menstrual cycle length of 28 Days. The menstrual cycle can be divided into [...]

Ovulation calculator – are they really that good?

Ovulation Calculators - How good are they really?

In this article, you’ll learn everything about ovulation calculators. Is it possible to calculate the fertile days and thus become pregnant more easily? As a fertility expert, Women keep asking me if you can’t just calculate the fertile days in the cycle with an ovulation calculator? Can an ovulation calculator really help you get pregnant or is that just a utopia? I set out to show you in this article in concrete terms what an ovulation calculator is really worth and how it works. Finally, I will objectively evaluate the ovulation calculator with regard to the fertility indicator. How does an ovulation calculator work? An ovulation calculator calculates the fertile and infertile days in the cycle based on the average [...]

BabyMad basal thermometer in test


Is the BabyMad suitable for the Symptothermal Method application to determine the fertile days in the cycle if you desire to have a child? My test report on functionality, operation and design only here!! I’ve wanted to test BabyMad’s optical beautiful basal thermometer for a long time, as many women from my environment already use it. Opinions on this thermometer are so different that I really wondered – how good the BabyMad basal thermometer really is. Is it really suitable for determining the fertile days in the cycle? My test report on functionality, operation, design and much more in this article. What can the BabyMad basal thermometer do? The BabyMad thermometer, like the L-Care basal thermometer, is a standard basal [...]

Menstrual Cycle Quiz

menstrual cycle quiz

Test your knowledge about the menstrual cycle to determine the fertile days to get pregnant faster. Are you the Master of Menstrual Cycle? Here is a nice menstrual quiz for you with 15 important questions! Please click on start to beginn quiz. For every right answer you get 1 Point. If you have 15 Points, you are the master of menstrual cycle. Have fun and good luck: Are you the Master of Menstrual Cycle? Read the section for your overall score 0 to 5 points – Loser of menstrual cycle Your knowledge about the menstrual cycle is insufficient and very sketchy. The Fertility TV Team strongly advise you to repeat the test and leave your residue with the book WHEN [...]

Test review: iButton – a different basal body thermometer

iButton Review

I tried the iButton for one cycle. This is my personal opinion about this special basal body thermometer and I will help you to decide if you should buy it. Initial remarks:I have a small son right now myself and I think taking my temperature every morning is quite a challenge. That is why I really wanted to try if the iButton could help me with that. This measuring device is also interesting for women working in shifts. Upon request, I was given the iButton Set for free by the producer Endotherm so I could test the iButton and tell you about it. Thanks a lot for that!  I have been analyzing my cycles since November 2009 with the Symptothermal Method [...]

Pregnant Despite Period – Is that possible?

pregnant despite bleeding

Can you be pregnant despite period? Yes, it’s possible – I’ve experienced it and would like to tell you about my experiences in this report. There are numerous articles on the Internet claiming that you cannot get pregnant – if you get your period and that in this case, it must definitely be an implantation bleeding. But these articles are not entirely accurate, because I can really justify it beyond doubt on my pregnancy cycle and show that I had my days even though I was already pregnant. How this is possible and what you need to consider for your baby, I explain to you in this article. My pregnancy cycle with a period My pregnancy cycle began with my [...]

3 Minutes Measurement-Trick for Digital Thermometer

Digital Thermometers

Do you measure your temperature with a digital thermometer? The Measurement-Trick helps you to keep to the three minute measurement time. Once again I dedicate myself to the three-minute measuring challenge. This time it’s about the fact that the Symptothermal Method, as explained in the eBook “When am I fertile?“, requires a three-minute temperature measurement, BUT digital thermometers beep much earlier and then still continue to measure or even more likely to beep and then Quit measurement. This may also be the case with cycle monitors that use temperature to determine the fertile days. The measurement of the basal temperature simply breaks off after the monitor has “decided“ that the temperature now rises only irrelevantly low. In order to maintain [...]