Is the Clearblue Fertility Monitor worth it?

Clearblue Fertility Monitor

Is the Clearblue monitor worth it? I am sharing my Clearblue fertility monitor experience from three cycles including fertility display and instructions.  Many couples wishing to have children would like a cycle computer to determine the fertile days of the cycle in order to get pregnant faster. Most of these devices have their own algorithm based on the temperature method or Symptothermal method. But the Clearblue Fertility Monitor is very different. It is based on measuring hormones in the urine. By evaluating special urine test sticks, the Clearblue Monitor can determine the fertile days and ovulation. How good is the Clearblue Fertility Monitor really? It is known from studies that the Symptomal method is currently the best method for determining [...]

Can stork tea help with getting pregnant?

storch tee

Can rattle stork tea help with getting pregnant? All information about the effect, application, preparation and experience can be found in this article. Almost everyone knows the mythology of the stork that brings the children. This myth originated in the 18th century to talk to children about the taboo subject of reproduction. There has been a rattle stork tea for many years that is said to help women get pregnant. But can stork tea really help with an unfulfilled desire to have children? What are the ingredients and effects of this popular fertility tea? In this article we show why rattle stork tea can help you get pregnant and share our experiences with you. Rattle stork tea – ingredients and [...]

Period Overdue – Am I Pregnant Now?

period is late

Your period is overdue and you want to know if you are pregnant? I’ll show you how to safely diagnose pregnancy.  Missing your period is one of the most common signs of pregnancy. As soon as the period is overdue, women worry if they are pregnant. This can happen once after a contraceptive failure, where the period is overdue despite a condom or after a copper IUD. There is also the possibility that a couple has been waiting for their dream child for a long time and now wants to know whether it has finally worked out. Whatever your reason, the basic question remains the same. How can I quickly and safely find out if I’m pregnant when my period [...]

Test Review of the Easy Home Basal Thermometer EBT-100

Easy Home Basalthermometer

Is Easy Home Basal thermometer suitable to determine fertile days with Fertility Awareness? My test report on functional scope, measurement and much more Well, I’ve been looking at the Easy Home Basal Thermometer EBT-100 for some time because it has relatively good ratings in larger internet shops in Germany. Afterwards I got in touch by email from the company EASY HEALTHCARE COOPERATION, who kindly provided us with the Easy Home Basal thermometer EBT-100 for our test. At this point, it’s important to say that my contribution will always be honest and ruthless, as you are used to on our blog. I’ll clearly express my opinion as to whether the Easy Home Basal Thermometer EBT-100 is suitable for determining fertile days. [...]

Get pregnant despite shift work

cycle observation despite shift work

Get pregnant despite shift work, how does it work? Learn how women get pregnant via shift work despite irregular cycles. Despite irregular cycles and shift work, can I get pregnant using the Symptothermal Method? I often get asked this question as a fertility expert. The answer to this question is purely YES. I’ve accompanied many women despite shift work and irregular cycles. In this article I’d like to show you how to determine your fertile days despite shift work and complex cycles. Here, it’s important to understand what makes the shift work cycles so complex and why they may be more difficult to evaluate. At the end of this article, I will outline a real-life pregnancy cycle of a woman [...]

How can I improve my Cervical Mucus?

Improve Cervical Mucus

How can I improve my cervical mucus to get pregnant easily? Here, you’ll find five (5) ways on how to optimize your mucus quality. Women who are trying to get pregnant would love to know and understand everything perfectly. They would like to do everything possible to get pregnant as soon as possible. Many are aware that cervical mucus plays a vital role in getting pregnant. Of course, it’s obvious that this should have the best possible quality. However, firstly, to be able to determine if the quality of your cervical mucus is enough to get you pregnant and what criteria to be taken into account, I will explain below. Is my cervical mucus OK or could be improved? The [...]

Get Pregnant with PCO

Get Pregnant with PCO

Get pregnant with PCO, how does it work? Learn how other women have fulfilled their dream of the desired child despite PCOS symptoms. Can I get pregnant, despite diagnosed with PCOS? I get asked this question very often as a fertility expert and the answer is YES. I have accompanied countless women with PCO on the path to the desired child. I know it’s possible to get pregnant despite PCO. In this article, I want to show you how this can work. The first step to get pregnant despite PCOS is to first of all understand exactly what PCO is and what the “PCOS diagnosis ” means for your cycle and fertility. Then I will show you how many women [...]

7 Reasons why it’s important to measure the Basal Body Temperature

basal temperature 7 reasons

Why measure the basal body temperature? I’ll give you 7 reasons why measuring the wake-up temperature during the period for the desired child is important! What is the basal body temperature anyway? Before I outline the 7 major advantages of measuring the basal body temperature, I’ll briefly summarize what the basal body temperature is. Although 10 years ago, I had no idea of the basal body temperature, but now, I’m very happy knowing it in detail. The basal body temperature is your body temperature, which in the best case can always be measured immediately after awaking in the morning in the mouth under the tongue, vulvina or in the butt. With an appropriate basal thermometer and a cycle chart, you [...]

What does your Basal Temperature tells you | Pregnancy tips

Ovulation Basal Temperature

Among other things, your basal temperature can tell you when to have sexual intercourse in order to get pregnant quickly Getting pregnant with the help of basal temperature In fact, your basal temperature communicates with you and tells you when you’re fertile, when your ovulation occurs and when you should have sexual intercourse to be very likely to get pregnant. To be fair, I must say that the Basal temperature is only half the battle to determine your fertile days-the second part of the fertility puzzle consists of your cervical mucus or your cervix. To know when you’re highly fertile, you must first understand the language of your basal temperature (and also that of your cervical mucus or cervix). Once [...]

Spinnable Cervical Mucus for Ovulation

cervical mucus spinnable 300

What does it mean when you observe the Spinnable Cervical Mucus? Was your Ovulation already or yet to come? Find it here in the Article. How does the Spinnable Cervical Mucus looks like? If you notice your cervical mucus, you can then take a closer look and do the Stretchability Test. To do this, simply take your cervical mucus between your thumb and forefinger. Then, if you slowly spread your fingers, the cervical mucus may contract like a string or thread, or the thread, breaks quickly. So you can easily see if your cervical mucus is elastic or not. Some days and in some women, the cervical mucus looks as spinning as in the photo. This means you can stretch [...]

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