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Getting pregnant with Hashimoto’s

Getting pregnant with Hashimoto's

Getting pregnant with Hashimoto’s – is it possible? I use my experience and studies to show you how you can fulfill your desire to have children. Getting pregnant is a central goal in life for many couples. But if a woman suffers from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, this can lead to uncertainty. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the thyroid gland, leading to chronic inflammation. This inflammation can affect the production of thyroid hormones, which is important for regulating the menstrual cycle, ovulation and fertility. I myself know how difficult it is to get pregnant with Hashimoto’s. After all, I’ve tried and succeeded twice, so I’m sharing my experiences in this post. What is Hashimoto? Hashimoto’s [...]

Bloody discharge – What does it mean?

bloody discharge

Bloody discharge – what does it mean? I’ll show you how to correctly interpret blood in vaginal discharge during ovulation and before your period. Many women are very worried when they recognise bloody discharge in their underwear. However, there is no need to worry at first. Bloody discharge can occur during the menstrual cycle, but it needs to be interpreted differently depending on when it occurs. In this article, I’ll show you in which cycle phases bloody discharge occurs and how you can interpret it correctly. Bloody discharge – where does it come from? First of all, it’s important to know that discharge generally refers to all bodily fluids that run out of the vagina during the menstrual cycle. As [...]

7 most important implantation symptoms

The 7 most important implantation symptoms, such as implantation bleeding, which you can use to determine whether implantation has taken place. Implantation is a process in which the fertilized egg implants in the uterine wound after ovulation. It therefore marks the actual start of a pregnancy, as it is only through implantation that the new life connects with the mother’s body on a physical level. Many women who want to have children naturally try to find out as early as possible whether implantation has taken place so that they know whether they are pregnant. In this article, we show you the 7 most important implantation symptoms after ovulation and tell you what you can do to make sure your baby [...]

Pomegranate to boost fertility

Can pomegranate help to boost fertility? New scientific studies show the effectiveness of pomegranate extract with iron. For centuries, the pomegranate has been used to increase fertility when there is a desire to have children. In Persian mythology, the pomegranate even represents the goddess of fertility. But it’s not just for mythological reasons, pomegranates can also support the fertility of women and men in a natural way from a scientific point of view. In this article, you will find out exactly how pomegranates can support your fertility and how you can best benefit from their positive effects. What are the most important ingredients in a pomegranate to boost fertility? Pomegranates contain a variety of secondary plant substances that can have [...]

Basal body temperature after implantation

basal body temperature after implantation

How does the basal body temperature develop after implantation? We show you how the temperature can drop and rise after implantation. Many women who want to have children rightly ask themselves how the basal body temperature develops after implantation and whether the nidation of the fertilized egg can be recognized by the basal body temperature curve. Two phenomena are particularly interesting in this context, namely that there tends to be a drop or rise in temperature after implantation. In this article, we would like to take a closer look at the basal body temperature during implantation and uncover its secrets. How does the basal body temperature develop after implantation?  We show you how the temperature can drop and rise after [...]

Is white discharge a sign of pregnancy?

whitisch discharge lumpy

Is white discharge a sign of pregnancy? We’ll show you how you can really interpret your white flow in early pregnancy. Discussions get heated in fertility forums when a woman observes whitish discharge. Is white discharge really a sign of pregnancy? Why and when does this whitish cervical mucus appear? We would like to answer these and other questions in today’s article and show you how you can safely recognize a pregnancy. What is discharge anyway? The discharge is also often referred to as cervical mucus, white discharge, leucorrhea or fluor vaginalis. It is a secretion that is produced in special glands in the woman’s cervix. The amount, appearance, consistency and color of discharge can vary greatly over the course [...]

DHEA Supplementation and Its Effects on Fertility

DHEA Supplementation

Can DHEA supplementation enhance egg quality?” We will show you when Dehydroepiandrosterone can support you in getting pregnant. A study from Scotland with 325 women shows that a woman in her 30s has already lost over 90% of her fertile eggs. By the age of 40, the egg supply has even shrunk to 3%. So far, we cannot do anything about this decline in eggs, but we can improve the quality of the existing eggs. An important hormone for improving egg quality is DHEA, which is used by many doctors in connection with fertility treatment. But can DHEA really help with getting pregnant? When and how should DHEA be taken? Is DHEA really safe or are there side effects? We [...]

“Relieving menstrual cramps – How does it work?”

Menstrual Cramps

“How can you naturally relieve menstrual cramps? I’ll introduce you to our best tips for reducing period pain. According to recent studies, around three-quarters of all women aged between 18 and 45 suffer from period pain one to two days per cycle. Period pain occurs when the uterus contracts in order to expel the uterine lining. Menstrual cramps are very varied and can occur in the abdomen, lower back, pelvic floor or groin area. In this article, I talk about the main causes of menstrual cramps and give my best tips on how you can relieve period pain. What are the main causes of period pain? You can’t combat period pain if you don’t understand its cause. For this reason, [...]

Is the Clearblue Fertility Monitor worth it?

Clearblue Fertility Monitor

Is the Clearblue monitor worth it? I am sharing my Clearblue fertility monitor experience from three cycles including fertility display and instructions.  Many couples wishing to have children would like a cycle computer to determine the fertile days of the cycle in order to get pregnant faster. Most of these devices have their own algorithm based on the temperature method or Symptothermal method. But the Clearblue Fertility Monitor is very different. It is based on measuring hormones in the urine. By evaluating special urine test sticks, the Clearblue Monitor can determine the fertile days and ovulation. How good is the Clearblue Fertility Monitor really? It is known from studies that the Symptomal method is currently the best method for determining [...]

Period Overdue – Am I Pregnant Now?

period is late

Your period is overdue and you want to know if you are pregnant? I’ll show you how to safely diagnose pregnancy.  Missing your period is one of the most common signs of pregnancy. As soon as the period is overdue, women worry if they are pregnant. This can happen once after a contraceptive failure, where the period is overdue despite a condom or after a copper IUD. There is also the possibility that a couple has been waiting for their dream child for a long time and now wants to know whether it has finally worked out. Whatever your reason, the basic question remains the same. How can I quickly and safely find out if I’m pregnant when my period [...]

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