Test Review of the Easy Home Basal Thermometer EBT-100

Easy Home BasalthermometerIs Easy Home Basal thermometer suitable to determine fertile days with Fertility Awareness? My test report on functional scope, measurement and much more

Well, I’ve been looking at the Easy Home Basal Thermometer EBT-100 for some time because it has relatively good ratings in larger internet shops in Germany. Afterwards I got in touch by email from the company EASY HEALTHCARE COOPERATION, who kindly provided us with the Easy Home Basal thermometer EBT-100 for our test. At this point, it’s important to say that my contribution will always be honest and ruthless, as you are used to on our blog. I’ll clearly express my opinion as to whether the Easy Home Basal Thermometer EBT-100 is suitable for determining fertile days. To do this, I looked at the range of functions, the basal temperature measurement as well as its operation and design in the test report.

What can the Easy Home Basal Thermometer ETT-100 do?

The Easy Home Basal Thermometer EBT-100 is a simple, classic two-decimal Basal thermometer. The packaging insructions indicates an accuracy of 0.05°C or 0.09°F, so this should be suitable for the Fertility Awareness app. The measurement range is between 32 and 43 degrees Celsius. Thus, the Easy Home Basal Thermometer EBT-100 can also be used as a medical thermometer after the desired period of childhood.

Flexible measurement facilitates oral measurement of Basal body temperature

The Easy Home Fertility Awareness thermometer has a flexible tip, which is more comfortable for oral measurement of the Basal body temperature. In the packing instructions, the oral measurement is explained and in English only. However, I think vaginal and rectal measurements are possible with this Basal thermometer.

A simple operation makes life easier

So you have to say that the Easy Home Basal thermometer is somehow easy to use. It’s also possible to store a Basal body temperature value, which allows you to view the measured value later. It’s also easy to switch between °C and °F without any problems

Easy Home Basal thermometer EBT-100 only with applicable measuring node

The basal thermometer is configured to measure only 90 seconds. After the beep, the basal thermometer no longer measures, so no 3-minute measurement is possible without a measurement node. However, I was able to measure the basal body temperature without any problems with the 3-minute measuring trick. To do this, keep the basal thermometer under the tongue for three minutes without turning it on. After three minutes, the basal thermometer turns ON/OFF while still in your mouth and you can then read the basal body temperature as usual after the beep. To time the measurement, I recommend using a 3-minute hourglass. An hourglass is quiet, inexpensive and can be easily taken or placed on the bedside table.

Illuminated display facilitates reading in the dark

I like the illuminated display of the Easy Home Basal Thermometer EBT-100 so far the best. After all, it’s often still dark in winter, at the usual stand-up time for many workers. The light screen helps a lot in reading the measured basal body temperature values.

Battery Change

The battery of the Easy Home Basal Thermometer EBT-100 can be easily changed. The Fertility Awareness thermometer is powered by a lithium battery of type CR 1632, 3V. However, most women will not need the battery changed, as the battery lasts about 100 operating hours. If you use the basal thermometer for about 5 minutes, you could take about 1200 measurements. This corresponds to approx. 3 years of service life.

pregnancy rate fertility awareness

C Gnoth et. al. Hum Reprod. 2003 Sep;18(9):1959-66.

Now, from studies, 81% of most women with Fertility Awareness gets pregnant within 6 months. In Fertility Awareness, we’re talking about the Symptothermal Method, in which the fertile days are determined using cervical mucus and temperature. If you can’t wait and want to start with Fertility Awareness right now, then I recommend my GET PREGNANT STARTER SET. There you will find everything you need to start with Fertility Awareness now.

Operating the Easy Home Fertility Awareness Basal Thermometer

Unfortunately the manual is in English only. That’s a pity. However, I’ve to say that the Easy Home Fertility Awareness thermometer is really very easy to use and most women will get along without guidance. Similarly, English is now a common language for most German-speaking women, so I don’t think that matters. For measuring I have already written that you have to use the 3-minute measuring trick. The temperature value is automatically saved after the measurement and the last stored value is also displayed when switched on. For the changeover from °C and °F, you simply have to press the ON/ OFF button a little longer and then you can switch. So actually everything is somehow very simple and understandable.

My Fertility Awareness Insider Tip – Measuring temperature alone is not enough!

There are two things I will to share with you in this review. First, it’s not enough to accurately determine ovulation and to become pregnant only by measuring the basal body temperature. There are several reasons I would like to briefly explain to you.

basal temperature rises only after ovulation

First, the basal body temperature usually rises only after ovulation. So it can clearly show when ovulation is over. However, the temperature cannot show you when your fertile days begin. This requires a second symptom. In the Symptothermal Method, in addition to temperature, the cervical mucus can be used to determine the fertile days.

basal body temperature method does not work for all women

So if you only measure the basal body temperature and use the pure evaluation rules of the temperature method, you have some disadvantages. This has some strict rules that, according to the studies, only 52% of cycles can be evaluated. Simply, this means that women can only limit ovulation to become pregnant in half of the cycles and thus be able to use it for themselves. This can be a big disadvantage for a woman with a desire to have children from the age of 35. She must be able to use each cycle, at least in theory, to become pregnant, if she already uses a method, I think. If, on the other hand, the fertile days are determined with the Symptothermal Method, i.e. from a combination of cervical mucus and basal body temperature, one can determine the fertile days in significantly more cycles. In studies, the fertile days could be determined in about 94.5% of the cycles.

Cycles Evaluability in Temperature Method and Symptothermal Method

temperature method determine fertile days statistics

Rosmus T 1992 from the book Fertility Awareness today

Even with shift work and irregular cycles, fertile days can be determined with the Symptothermal Method. Here, in about 80% of the studied cycles, fertile days were determined. For this reason, many women with PCOS, ovarian failure and shift work also uses Fertility Awareness to determine fertile days. Shiftwork is subject to special rules for determining the fertile days that only trained consultants knows. In our e-book, you will find an extra bonus book on shift work, in which we will show you how to determine fertile days with Fertility Awareness despite the 3-shift system.

Cycle diagnoses often the key to the desired child

First of all, it must be said at this stage that all the women in the studies mentioned learned the Symptothermal Method during Fertility Awareness course with a trained consultant. In addition, most women have read a popular textbook accompanying the course. Now, we know from experience that many women want to save this money and try the self-taught Fertility Awareness (autodidactic). From conversation with these women, we know that mistakes often occurs during self-taught learning. Very often, these women use an inappropriate basal thermometer, inappropriate application or make mistakes when observing ovulation signs such as cervical mucus and basal body temperature. For this reason alone, we strongly recommend that you learn the Symptothermal Method using a book or Fertility Awareness course. But the worst part is that many women thinks that Fertility Awareness is just a way to determine fertile days. But that’s not true – Fertility Awareness offers much more. Of course, there are women who can correctly determine fertile days with the Fertility Awareness. But most women do not master cycle diagnoses.

However, cycle diagnoses are often the key to the desired child, especially in women aged 35+ and above. From the age of 35, a woman’s cycles changes a lot as a result of the body’s preparation for menopause. The peculiarities of the cycle such as luteal insufficiency, ovarian insufficiency, anovulatory cycles and much more accumulates.

If these cycle peculiarities goes undetected, this can make it much more difficult to become pregnant. If these cyclical features are recognized, they can be treated medically and homeopathically with the help of your doctor or naturopath. In this way, many women have naturally become pregnant and I myself am one of them.

Thanks to Fertility Awareness, I self-diagnosed my luteal insufficiency and successfully treated it with the help of my doctor and naturopath. Then I got pregnant twice and now a mother of two. I’m very sure that without Fertility Awareness, I might have difficultly or may not become pregnant naturally. For this reason, I can recommend every woman to use Fertility Awareness – not only to determine fertile days, but also to make cycle diagnoses.

Cervical mucus and Basal body temperature during the cycle

The basic idea of cycle diagnosis is quite simple. Basal body temperature is a sign of progesterone, cervical mucus a sign of estrogen. Progesterone and estrogen are the main hormones in the female menstrual cycle. For this reason, I can read the relative levels of these hormones from the temperature curve in combination with mucus evolution. It’s a bit like asking the gynecologist for a hormone blood test every day. Statistical analysis of more than 40,000 cycles of approximately 2,000 women reveals what a successful cycle looks like. For this reason, you can now see on the temperature curve and the mucus course whether you have an ovulation, how long the respective cycle phases are, whether you have become pregnant and much more. For example, some doctors around the world are now using Fertility Awareness to diagnose unfulfilled desire for children. One of them is Prof. Dr. med. Gnoth, whom we also interviewed on this blog.

Would you also like to benefit from cycle diagnoses and learn Fertility Awareness as quickly as possible? Next, we recommend our e-book “WHEN AM I FERTILE?”. You’ll get a step-by-step guide to the Symptothermal Method, including exercises and solutions. The book also contains a detailed chapter on cycle diagnoses that helps narrow down the reasons why you haven’t gotten pregnant. In the third chapter we equally have motivating testimonials of women who have become pregnant despite luteal insufficiency, endometriosis, PCOS, poor spermogram, long waiting time, a chaotic cycle after the pill, etc. became pregnant. Additional bonuses such as a detailed video on the most common questions about cervical mucus monitoring, ways to stabilize the cycle after pill and much more can also be downloaded from the eBook in the member area.

Design by Easy Home Basal Thermometer BTT-100

Let’s go back to the basal thermometer. The design of the Easy Home Basal Thermometer EBT-100 is very appealing. The blue turquoise color structure of the Basal Thermometer is already very special and has a high recognition value. The illuminated display is already an “Eyecatcher” in the dark. Turquoise is also a beautiful color, but if I could choose the color of the Basal Thermometer myself, I would find it even better. Unfortunately, it’s is not yet possible with the Easy Home compared to other providers.

Conclusion and purchasing decision support

Overall, the Easy Home Basal Thermometer EBT-100 is a good Fertility Awareness thermometer for beginners. It impresses with its simple operation, appealing design, flexible tip and low transport weight. The only shortcoming is the mandatory 90-second measurement, which has to be corrected with the 3-minute measuring trick. Thus, nothing stands in the way of the application of the Easy Home Basal Thermometer EBT-100 for the Symptothermal Method.

At this point, it’s as well important for me to say that this Easy Home Basal Thermometer is promoted in many online shops together with the Premom app, which I haven’t tested. However, I would advise caution, as in fertility app studies many app manufacturers have performed poorly. In the end, only 3 apps performed well or satisfactorily in the study by the Stiftung Warentest. I haven’t tested the Premom app, so I can’t allow myself to judge, but there’s a high chance that the app may not meet the strict requirements of a Fertility Awareness app. In case of doubt, I therefore recommend using another app, which in the study of the Stiftung Warentest has performed well or satisfactorily.

However, I can recommend the Easy Home Basal Thermometer if you measure with the 3-minute measuring trick. With this in mind, I wish you all the best on your way to the desired child



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  • Beth
    3. May 2020, 19:35

    This thermometer stores 30 temperatures. Right now it is my favorite BBT thermometer. We will see how long the light lasts.

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