Get Pregnant Starter Set

Get Pregnant Starter SetThe PERFECT Starter SET for couples wanting to GET PREGNANT was put together by me especially for you. I wish with all my ♥heart♥, that it helps you!

♥ Get PREGNANT quickly and naturally, but how?

One of the main reasons why couples don’t get pregnant, is that they have sex at the wrong time. This is because a woman can only get pregnant when a sperm cell meets the egg; meaning that it is best if the woman has sex with her partner during the most fertile days. Now you will surely say: “No Problem, I will just use an ovulation calculator to define my fertile days.” Thousands of women here in Germany are thinking the same, but they just won’t get pregnant. The reason is so simple: You can’t calculate when you are fertile, because the natural cycle is subject to very large variations. For example, the length of a healthy woman’s cycle can vary between 23 and 35 days. Therefore, the ovulation can take place days or even weeks earlier or later each cycle. Even if the cycle has the same length, the time of the ovulation can shift by seven days from cycle to cycle. That is why ovulation calendars and calendar methods don’t work or just work by chance to define the fertile days, if you want to get pregnant. During my professional formation to become a fertility consultant, I learned that you can only define the fertile days with the help of body signals such as cervical mucus, basal body temperature and cervix within the current cycle. Using the tools that I have put together for you in my “Getting pregnant” Starter Set, it is possible to define the most fertile very exactly, so you can have sex at the right time in order to get pregnant. I got pregnant naturally right in the first practice cycle using these methods and as a consultant I already successfully helped many couples to get pregnant.

♥ The best BOOK about getting pregnant

To define the most fertile days around the ovulation in a reliable and exact manner, you need a good introduction about the Symptothermal Method. My eBook – When am I fertile? is the ideal guidebook if you want to get pregnant. The book has over 300 pages and gives you a comprehensible explanation about how to take your basal body temperature, how to document your cervical mucus and how to analyse both of it using fix rules to define the most fertile days in the cycle. It includes a clear checklist, a practice book with 5 practice cycles including solutions. There is also a chapter about cycle diagnostics, making it possible to easily figure out reasons why you haven’t gotten pregnant until now. In the third chapter you will find 15 motivating success stories about women who got pregnant with Fertility Awareness despite working in shifts, PCOS, endometriosis, bad results of the semen analysis, long-distance relationships, long waiting time… I wrote the eBook according to the wishes and needs of our blog’s readers, because I conducted a comprehensive survey about this subject in beforehand.

That is what you learn in our eBook

• ❤ How you can learn Fertility Awareness methods in only a couple of days to define the most fertile days in your cycle
• ❤ How you can narrow down to a couple of days when your ovulation will take place
• ❤ How you can be 99% sure that you are pregnant, without pregnancy test and just by monitoring your body
• ❤ How you can calculate the expected birthdate of your child by yourself
• ❤ How you can use cycle diagnostics to narrow down possible causes, if you have problems to get pregnant

Download the eBook Reading Sample WHEN AM I FERTILE

Many women already got pregnant with the help of this book. Buy my eBook – When am I fertile? and along with the book you will get only for a short time and for free a bonus video (as download) with my best tips about how to regulate your cycle after stopping to take the pill, as well as a bonus PDF file with my tips about the ideal nutriation for a fertile cycle. Furthermore, you will get the bonus GET PREGNANT after 35 – in which I tell my best tipps to get pregnant in advanced age after 35+.

Some opinions of women who have read our eBook:

„Wow, Anne your eBook is really great. I only got it a couple of days ago, but I have really learned so much already. The chapter about cycle diagnostics helped me a lot, it showed me that I suffer from luteal insufficiency. Now I’m able to address that problem. THANK YOU” (Magdalena)

„Dear Anne and Marcus, the eBook is amazing. The reports about getting pregnant with PCOS helped me a lot. It is really nice to read about what worked and what didn’t. The report of the women’s experiences motivated me a lot to go on!” (Silvia)

„Dear Anne, I have been waiting to get pregnant for 3 years already. About a month ago I started with Fertility Awareness thanks to you. In the beginning I didn’t believe that it could work. But now I finally got pregnant. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the positive results of the test… You are doing great work and published a great eBook. Keep it up! (Clelia)

Thousands of women already successfully got pregnant with the knowledge from this book. The knowledge and the methods are timeless, and will still be valid in hundred years, so you can really make the most of your individual fertility. I also offer a money-back guarantee for 60 days!

♥ A BASAL BODY THERMOMETER to get pregnant

The second thing I want to recommend to you is a basal body thermometer. In order to measure your basal body thermometer and use it in combination with the evaluation of your cervical mucus to define your fertile days, you need to have a basal body thermometer showing the temperature with two decimal places. The most popular basal body thermometer to get pregnant from our blog is currently (by Mar. 2019) the L-Care basal body thermometer for controlling your cycle. It convinced us because of the nice design, very exact measurements of three minutes and the easy handling. It is specially designed for the use with Fertility Awareness methods. Many women who take their temperature orally appreciate the quiet bleep and the flexible tip. Especially in the beginning, I would recommend to you a simple Fertility Awareness thermometer without app and other technical gimmicks, because nearly all apps completely failed to meet the standards of Stiftung Warentest (German consumer organisation ). If you don’t like this thermometer and if technical features are not as important for you, I would recommend the most inexpensive thermometer Domotherm Rapid which costs less than six euro. I myself have tried both thermometers and was very satisfied with both. Many of the women in my classes who want to get pregnant are not really motivated to measure their basal body thermometer in the beginning. But this changes as soon as they understand that you can use the temperature curve to see when the ovulation took place and if you have conceived. Around the time of the ovulation the basal body temperature increases by about 0.1 to 0.5°C and stays at this higher level until the next menstruation begins. If your menstruation does not come and your basal body temperature stays increased for at least 18 days, there is a 99% chance that you are pregnant.

♥ A cycle app to get pregnant

The third thing in the SET I put together is a cycle documentation. Today many women use a cycle app for their smartphone to document their temperature curve and the changes of their cervical mucus. Not many apps are really suitable to do this. I myself have tested the best Fertility Awareness apps and at the moment I can recommend the Lily App for iPhone and the Ladycycle Cycle App for Android. Both apps feature an automatic evaluation, that can help you to define your fertile days. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can also just print out a normal cycle chart and record everything with pen and paper – retro style.

♥ My best tipps at the end

You can find my BEST and SIMPLEST tips to get pregnant in my eBook: „When am I fertile?“.
It is a matter truly dear to my heart that you and your partner can make this special wish come true. I want you to have an exciting and wonderful time until you get pregnant and after that as well.
❊Wishing you fertile days!❊
Yours, Anne ♥

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