L-Care Basal Thermometer Testing

Thermometer-L-care-title-300pxIs the L-Care basal thermometer suitable for the application of the Symptothermal Method to determine the fertile days in the cycle when having children? Right here is my test report about functionality, operation and design!

After my beloved digital Geratherm basal thermometer was suddenly no longer available online, I looked around for alternatives. It was particularly important to me to find a good basal thermometer for beginners of the Symptothermal Method. The thermometer you are looking for should be easy to use and visually beautiful to look at. I immediately noticed the L-Care basal thermometer which I ordered and tested it immediately. In this article I will tell you whether L-Care is suitable for the determination of fertile days with the Symptothermal Method or not. Likewise, I will show you what this thermometer can do and how it is operated, so that you can make an impact.

What can the L-Care basal thermometer do?

L-care is an ordinary basal thermometer with two decimal places. A measuring accuracy of 0.01 °c is indicated in the package leaflet, which is sufficiently accurate for the application of the Symptothermal Method. It has a flexible tip, which allows a more comfortable measurement of the temperature in the mouth under the tongue (oral). It is also suitable for vaginal and rectal measurements. It is important that the selected method (oral, rectal or vaginal) is the same throughout the cycle, so that the values are comparable and the fertile days can be determined correctly. L-Care can store the last temperature value so that you can also enter the temperature value at a later time in the cycle sheet or in an app. The beep sound of L-Care is very quiet compared to other thermometers, which of course is nice, as your partner or other sleeping guests are not disturbed by the measurement e.g. in the morning. L-Care is the perfect entry-level thermometer without great knick-nacks and totally easy to operate, as we will see shortly. The measuring range of L-Care is between 32 and 430 C so it can be used as a medical thermometer for the baby or for you as a parent. For women who get up early or work in shifts, the L-Care lacks an illuminated display, which allows you to read the values even in the dark. This can be avoided if you buy a luminous three-minute hourglass. Thus for me there are no limitations!

Operation of the L-Care thermometer by the Symptothermal Method

L-Care Basalthermometer for ovulation trackingThe operation of the L-Care basal thermometer is really very simple. To do this, simply press the ON/OFF button. If you have already measured temperature with L-Care, the last measured temperature value will be displayed for about two seconds. In order to recognize that it is a stored value, a small M for (memory) is also shown on the display. For oral measurements, place the tip of the thermometer under the tongue, close the mouth and wait for three minutes. The thermometer then measures the temperature. After about 60 to 90 seconds it beeps, please ignore, because for the application of the Symptothermal Method, it is better to measure in three minutes. If you measure less than three minutes, the temperature readings may not be accurate enough and you may experience difficulty in evaluating the temperature curve. You can do it the other way round with a little trick. First put the L-Care thermometer in your mouth under your tongue for three minutes – THEN press the button and wait until it beeps. So you don’t have to listen to the beep sound for so long. You can control the three minutes with a timer or a three-minute hourglass. The thermometer usually shows the measured temperature value automatically. If you want to save on the batteries, you can switch off the L-Care basal thermometer directly after measuring. To do this you only have to press the ON/OFF switch again – this naturally saves battery. Switching off is not absolutely necessary, however, because the L-Care automatically switches off eight minutes after the successful measurement. Here the manufacturer thought well and you do not have to worry that the battery is completely empty – if one should forget to switch off the L-Care Symptothermal Method thermometer after the measurement!

To change the battery compartment, you will find instructions in the package leaflet, which is very easy to carry out. However, you should not normally use these instructions for changing the battery compartment during the time of the child desire. Finally, according to a study, about 81 percent of women who use the Symptothermal Method when they want to conceive get pregnant within six months – after 12 months, the study was even 92 percent. According to the package leaflet, L-Care can last about two years (2500 measurements). So, the amount of time that the batteries last should be enough for many couples to get pregnant. Of course, here it is assumed that you are learning the Symptothermal Method as a course under the guidance of a fertility consultant or with a suitable book such as “WHEN AM I FERTILE?“. In our experience, many women through the Symptothermal Method get pregnant within 12 months. Of course, there is no 100% pregnancy guarantee, but it is indisputable that the Symptothermal Method can increase the pregnancy rate. If you are not pregnant despite application of the Symptothermal Method, you can use the recorded temperature curves and mucus for a cycle diagnosis to limit the causes of your unfulfilled desire for children. Likewise, after 12 months of unfulfilled desire to have children despite regular sex in the high-fertile period (according to the Cycle evaluation rules of the Symptothermal Method), a visit to an experienced medical specialist is also useful.

Design of L-Care with different colors

Thermometer L-care-case


I personally find the Design of the L-Care basal thermometer very well successful. I particularlly like the fact that one can choose one of the colors when ordering. Purple is my favorite color, that’s why I chose it, but you can also choose Blue, Light Blue, green, pink or wine-red. The plastic cover of the L-Care basal thermometer is tailor-made and space-saving, which allows you to easily carry along the Symptothermal Method thermometer in your handbag.

Conclusion and purchase decision support

The *L-Care basal thermometer is really a perfect basal thermometer for Symptothermal Method beginners. A simple operation and accurate temperature particularly are particuarly important for the Symptothermal Method start. The thermometer must be able to function and reliably measure. This is really true with L-Care, I have never seen or tested such an easy-to-use basal thermometer. I found the design appealing from the beginning – as well as the fact that you can choose the color freely when you buy. I find the price-performance ratio really good. The thermometer keeps what it promises. Contrary to other basal thermometers – which claim to determine the temperature perfectly in 30 seconds (Note: Unfortunately this does not work!) and transmit the temperature values via Bluetooth to an unsuitable Fertility app – the L-Care Symptothermal Method Thermometer focuses on the essentials, namely the measurement of temperature. What’s the use of the hottest optical thermometer with Bluetooth app transmission, if in the end neither thermometer nor app work properly or are not suitable for the application of the Symptothermal Method. In addition, the whole technique also distracts from the essentials, especially at the beginning. Most of the fertility apps on the market are absolutely not recommended anyway, which was clearly demonstrated in a study by Stiftung Warentest in 2017. So I am currently clear on the purchase of such Bluetooth thermometers including an APP, since they are technically not sufficiently developed enough to operate with cycle observation. In all the documented cycles, I was able to evaluate myself very well and determine my fertile days. The measured values led to a good-evaluable temperature curve and I find the simple operation great too. I can therefore fully recommend the L-Care basal thermometer.

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