Basal temperature measurement with luminous hourglass

temperature measurement with hourglas In this Article, I will explain to you how when measuring basal body temperature for 3 minutes, a luminescent hourglass can help determine the fertile days.

Recently, I wrote to a woman who works in shift work and wants to determine her high-fertile days in the cycle in order to become pregnant faster through sex at the right time with the Symptothermal Method. Basically I explained to her that with shift work, there is no problem with the application of the Symptothermal Method, because in over 90% of the cycles, the fertile days in the cycle can be determined despite shift work. It is really only important to regularly measure the basal temperature and observe the cervical mucus. The woman explained to me that she likes to measure her temperature, but at the early shift at four o’clock it is always so dark that one can barely read the temperature values. She doesn’t want to turn the light on because it always keeps her husband awake. Furthermore, for ecological reasons, it is imperative to use an analogue Basal thermometer, because it is a life-long application and does not make an annoying beep sound when measuring. However, analogue thermometers have two disadvantages. First, you don’t know when the measurement time of three minutes is finally over, and secondly, you don’t have an illuminated display screen, so it’s hard to read the readings in the dark. Well, that’s exactly what the perfect solution is now – the illuminated three-minute hourglass, which I highly recommend to all women who measure temperature in the dark. In this article, I’ll explain to you how the luminous three-minutes hourglass can also make your everyday life easier.

Optimize the measurement time of the basal temperature

Currently, there are numerous thermometers on the market that advertise that you can measure your basal temperature in three seconds. The manufacturers of these thermometers forget that for application of the Symptothermal Method, it is necessary to measure very accurately. The sensors of the thermometers also need a certain amount of time to accept the woman’s body temperature. For this reason, a three-minute period of time is recommended in the Symptothermal Methods standard literature. In fact, if you remain under three minutes of measurement time, the measured temperature values may be distorted and may lead to a faulty determination of the fertile days. The timing of the measurement is not so crucial. Before the measurement you should have rested or slept for at least one hour. Whether the measurement time, i.e. the current time when you measure your temperature, affects the measured values of the basal temperature is different in each individual. For this reason, the method is in most cases also applicable to shift work or very irregular daily routine, such as in the study and party time. So if the measurement time is the most important thing to compare the temperature values, one has to find a solution how to keep it. With digital thermometers, the thermometer usually beeps too early, so you can’t just measure up to the beep. To put a timer in the mobile every time is not the solution for all women, especially since this solution simply makes noise. If you already have children or your partner is awake at a different time than you wake up, this is not an optimal solution. Here, a three-minute hourglass is just perfect. Shortly after the start of the measurement you simply turn the clock around and when the sand has run down, the three minutes are over. It’s that simple! If the hourglass is still illuminated, even when using an analogue basal thermometer, the temperature values can be read out perfectly. Of course, as an alternative to the analogue thermometer, you can also use a very simple digital Symptothermal Method thermometer with two decimal places to measure the basal body temperature.

Measure the basal temperature in an environmentally friendly way

What does environmentally friendly measurement actually mean? Well, most basal thermometers are digital, plastic and battery powered. The battery lasts a maximum of one year. After that, the digital basal thermometers usually do not measure accurately enough and there is nothing left to do but throw away the digital Symptothermal Method thermometer and buy a new one. Of course, the digital thermometers usually have better features like storing several readings, etc., but the pile of garbage do not get smaller with the use of digital thermometers. This is a key reason why more and more women opt for an analogue thermometer, as it lasts a lifetime and can be easily reused as a clinical thermometer after the child desire period. From the Symptothermal Method point of view, it is of course also cool that the annoying rounding of the basal temperature values is omitted, because the temperature values can usually be read directly. Thus, the combination of an analogue basalt thermometer with an hourglass, which shines in the dark (of course, even without batteries) is currently the most ecological way to measure the basal body temperature.

Design of the Magic-Deal hourglass

It was really not easy to find a three-minute hourglass that still lights up even in the dark without batteries. But then I found the *Magic-Deal Hourglass and was at the target of my dreams. The design of the hourglass is kept very plain and simple. During the day, it appears very unspectacular in the light with a gray shade. However, the glow in the dark is a true high-light:D. The sand glows green in the dark! With this sensational effect, I feel as to measure my temperature right again. You too? If your favorite person sleeps next to you in the morning, if you are already busy measuring, you will not make any waking noises when measuring. The analogue thermometer does not beep and also the hourglass does not make any ringtone or anything else when finished with the three minutes. Just chill and relax:). The price/performance ratio of the magic-deals hourglass is also very good, in a well-known online shop, you can currently get the hourglass for under ten euros

My conclusion and purchase decision support

For me, the magic deals three-minute hourglass is one of the best tools that can make your Symptothermal Method life a lot easier. Especially in the winter period in which the days are getting shorter and shorter. Even with shift work, many women have to measure the temperature even in the dark – so a luminous hourglass is really a total relief. I personally got pregnant with an analogue thermometer and was so thankful that my elderly desired child could just keep sleeping when I measured my basal temperature to become pregnant for the second time. At the moment I would not be able to measure my basal temperature in the morning with a digital basal thermometer. My smallest son would wake up immediately and then want to have the thermometer himself. A relaxed measurement of the basal temperature would then no longer be possible. Moreover, the hourglass helped me a lot to consistently keep the necessary measuring time of three minutes and thus my temperature curve was much stable and better to evaluate. Overall, I can therefore clearly advise you to buy this hourglass, which really offers a cheap and great relief to my everyday application of the Symptothermal Method. Of course, I have this great Symptothermal Method insider tip that I passed on to the woman in shift work who wrote to me. She was absolutely enthusiastic about the idea with the hourglass and is now looking forward to the next three-minute measurement with the hourglass!
I would also like you to catch a lot of fun in this way with your three-minute measurements using your thermometer and hourglass.
Wishing you all the best on your way to the desired child


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