3 Minutes Measurement-Trick for Digital Thermometer

Digital Thermometer Measurement TrickDo you measure your temperature with a digital thermometer? The Measurement-Trick helps you to keep to the three minute measurement time.

Once again I dedicate myself to the three-minute measuring challenge. This time it’s about the fact that the Symptothermal Method, as explained in the eBook “When am I fertile?“, requires a three-minute temperature measurement, BUT digital thermometers beep much earlier and then still continue to measure or even more likely to beep and then Quit measurement. This may also be the case with cycle monitors that use temperature to determine the fertile days. The measurement of the basal temperature simply breaks off after the monitor has “decided“ that the temperature now rises only irrelevantly low. In order to maintain a certain measurement standard, it was very important to me to be able to comply with at least three minutes in my tests of digital basal thermometers and cycle monitors. But how can I do THAT if the digital thermometers or cycle monitors break off every time before the end of the three minutes?! That’s how I came to this trick.


The Digital Thermometer Measurement-Trick!

Yes, you have read correctly – there’s a great trick you can apply to trick your digital thermometer or temperature monitor. And you simply measure your basal temperature at the measuring location of your choice (oral, vaginal, rectal) as usual with the difference that you do NOT press the start button yet. Only when the three minutes are over do you press the button to start the measurement. Normally, it will beep shortly after the button has been pressed, as the temperature does not increase any further. And so you have managed to measure THREE minutes, although your meter cannot do that. Great right?


This trick makes it possible to comply exactly to the Symptothermal Method rules with all digital thermometers that have two decimal places. The trick also has the advantage that you don’t have to listen to the beeping of the digital basal thermometer for so long because with the thermometer trick the thermometer is completely ready after beeping! Did you already know the trick? Or do you know other tricks for temperature measurement? Then write it down here as a comment…


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  • Beth
    3. May 2020, 18:19

    Excellent tip, thanks! If I had read this years ago, I would have saved money because I bought about three thermometers trying to find one that beeps at the correct time. The closest I have found is the Easy@Home EBT-100 but it is already discontinued. I saw you reviewed it, I will read that next. Thanks for your great blog!

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