Best Basal thermometer – My Experiences with Geratherm Digital

Geratherm Digital basal thermometer

Geratherm Digital with flexible tip © Geratherm Medical AG

Again and again, as a fertility consultant, I am asked which Symptothermal Method Basal thermometer I can recommend. I have therefore decided to present my best basal thermometers with which I have had extensive experience in a series of articles. Today is about my absolute favourite basal thermometer – the Geratherm digital, which I will present and evaluate for you, like all the other basal thermometers in this series, in the Categories technical functionalities, operation and design.

Functionalities – What can the Geratherm digital do?

In my view, the Geratherm digital has many very helpful features that I would not want to miss anymore. First, it can store an incredible 10 temperature values, which I think is great. Finally, I sometimes forget to enter my values right after waking up and then it is really helpful if you can then carry them comfortably on to the app. In comparison, other digital basal thermometers can only store the last value, which is not enough for me personally. A second great function of the basal thermometer is the illuminated display, which is especially helpful if you have to get up at night or early (e.g. for shift work etc.), then you can read the values more easily. The beep sound is very quiet compared to other basal thermometers so that your partner can continue to sleep comfortably. Unfortunately, as with all digital basal thermometers, it beeps too early, so you have to measure further until the three minutes have passed. I usually measure the time with an hourglass standing on the bedside table next to my bed. As with almost all digital basal thermometers, you can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius, which I do not use since I only actually trade with the Celsius scale. I also find the flexible tip still very comfortable, especially when I measure the temperature orally because it just feels more comfortable – than using a rigid tip.

Operation of the Geratherm digital.

The Geratherm digital thermometer has only one button over which the complete operation is running. Once I have looked into the operation manual of the Geratherm digital thermometer, Its operation comes very easily clear. The simplest function is probably to measure – for this you simply press the ON switch, measure the temperature e.g. in the mouth or in the Vulva or in the Po. If it beeps, just keep measuring until the three minutes are reached – done. The thermometer switches off automatically after 9 minutes without measurement – so you don’t have to do anything. The temperature values can be read by pressing the ON/Off button longer (approx. 2-3 seconds). The last measured value is displayed for 4 seconds, if you want to see the other values – you simply have to press the ON/OFF button again. That’s it, too. The backlight is automatically activated at each measurement, so you don’t need to worry about it – I find that very handy. For switching from Fahrenheit to degree Celsius and vice versa – press the ON/OFF button to turn it on and then briefly press the ON/OFF button again and then simply hold down the button for about 3 seconds – done. So all in all a simple operation, just as you wish. The Batteries are also very easy to change as indicated in the operating instructions. Overall, the operation was successful.

Design of Geratherm digital

The design is very appealing due to the pink-white colour and the handy shape, but similar to the many basal thermometers in this price range. The display is sufficient in size and displays the values well – at night it is a real eye-catcher due to the light display.

Symptothermal Method Insider Tips with Geratherm Digital

At the beginning of my Symptothermal Method period around 2010, which I measured Orally with the Geratherm, I was able to evaluate each cycle, but my cycles were a little more truncated by the oral measurement. After that, I switched from oral measurement to vaginal measurement and in my view, I have gotten a little more beautiful curves, as you can see in my cycle example – the curves with the Geratherm can be very nicely measured.

measured with Geratherm basal-cycle_4

My conclusion

The *Geratherm Digital is the best digital Symptothermal Method basal thermometer on the market in terms of functionality, operation and design. I have already successfully measured and evaluated many cycles with the Geratherm. I also find it very handy because it fits in every handbag – so you can carry it along very well when travelling or visiting. The illuminated night display and the possibility to store 10 temperature values is what I no longer want to miss. I highly recommend Geratherm Digital to any woman starting the Symptothermal Method.

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