BabyMad basal thermometer in test

BabyMadBasalthermometer Is the BabyMad suitable for the Symptothermal Method application to determine the fertile days in the cycle if you desire to have a child? My test report on functionality, operation and design only here!!

I’ve wanted to test BabyMad’s optical beautiful basal thermometer for a long time, as many women from my environment already use it. Opinions on this thermometer are so different that I really wondered – how good the BabyMad basal thermometer really is. Is it really suitable for determining the fertile days in the cycle? My test report on functionality, operation, design and much more in this article.

What can the BabyMad basal thermometer do?

The BabyMad thermometer, like the L-Care basal thermometer, is a standard basal thermometer with 2 decimal places. The measuring accuracy of the thermometer is 0.01oC. It has a flexible tip that facilitates oral measurement (in the mouth) under the tongue for 3 minutes. I found the flexible tip particularly successful in this basal thermometer, as the measuring tip is relatively thin. So it is hardly noticeable when measuring under the tongue. Clearly, you can also measure vaginally or rectal with the thermometer, so of course, you have to take care that you maintain the measurement method throughout the cycle, so that the temperature values are comparable. The beep is a bit louder compared to other thermometers. Also, the BabyMad thermometer stops the measurement after 60 seconds. Here you can help by applying the 3-minute Temperature messtrick. Thus, the 3-minute measurement is not really a problem, so you can also reduce the beeping. The BabyMad stores the last temperature value, which allows the values to be entered at a later date. Otherwise, the BabyMad thermometer measures very reliably, making it rightly an entry-level thermometer that can be recommended. The BabyMad has no illuminated temperature gauge, here the luminous three-minute hourglass can be a useful addition. The thermometer has a temperature indicator between 32 and 43°C and can therefore be reused as a clinical thermometer after the desire for a child. The operation and battery replacement, as we will see in a moment, has also been very successful.

Operation of the BabyMad Fertility Awareness thermometer

The operation of the BabyMad is really so easy that you don’t really need any instructions. That the manual is only in English therefore, did not bother me. To measure, it is best to place the thermometer under the tongue for 3 minutes. Only then do you turn on the BabyMad thermometer with the ON/OFF button. The last measurement of the temperature is shown to you – then the thermometer measures for 60 seconds. This is not a problem, because you already had the thermometer in your mouth for 3 minutes before and thus the sensor has already taken the temperature sufficiently well. Once measured, you can easily transfer the value to a Cycle sheet or app. The BabyMad even provides an analog cycle sheet, which I find very positive. The thermometer can also be switched off after the entry of the temperature value in order to save energy. To do this, you simply press the ON/OFF button again. However, the BabyMad basal thermometer switches off on its own after about 11 minutes, even without your intervention. There is really no easier way to measure the basal body temperature.

The BabyMad has an indication of the battery’s charge level. If this indicates an empty battery, the battery can be replaced very easily. To do this, simply open the battery compartment, remove the old battery and insert a new 1.5V LR41 battery. I really haven’t seen any easier than that. However, the battery lasts for a while, the manufacturer gives about 2 years of durability (about 2500 measurements). In Studies with the Symptothermal Method, 92% of women became pregnant within 12 months. So most women who practice Fertility Awareness when they want to have children won’t have to change their battery. This, of course, assumed that you have learned the Symptothermal Method from a good Book. Without a good understanding of body observation and the Symptothermal Method rules for determining the fertile days, one cannot take advantage of their fertility optimally. If you do not get pregnant for more than 12 months despite having sex on the fertile days, a visit to the doctor is highly recommended in order to limit the causes.

Design of the BabyMad basal thermometer

I love the pink-and-white design, as pink is one of my absolute favourite colours. The BabyMad is very compact and the included case is very practical. In this way, you can carry the BabyMad comfortably in your handbag, e.g. when travelling or visiting with overnight stays. From the appearance, you can’t notice especially since the BabyMad is one of the cheapest basal thermometers on the market.

Conclusion and purchase decision aid

The BabyMad Basalthermometer is a good entry-level thermometer with a few minor weaknesses, but it is easy to get around. The positive is the operation, the design and also the measuring accuracy. I have noticed the relatively loud beep sound and that you have to apply the 3-minutes mess-trick so that you can measure for 3 minutes in accordance with the rules. I personally liked the L-Care Basal thermometer a bit better, although I can imagine measuring a few cycles with the BabyMad. Despite all the criticism, the BabyMad has a very good price-performance ratio and is definitely suitable for the Symptothermal Method application in any case. Once again, I would like to advise all women against buying expensive thermometers with a lot of frills such as complex operation as well as Blue-Tooth thermometers including integrated app. Firstly, a complex operation for beginners who are currently getting into the method is rather disruptive and distracting. Secondly, these Blue-Tooth basal thermometers, which promise to measure temperature in 30 seconds, usually do not work that well. Often, these Bluetooth thermometers are not accurate enough to measure what I’ve seen in the cycles of many frustrated women. Thirdly, 99% of available apps are not suitable for the use of the Symptothermal Method, as a study by Stiftung Warentest in 2017 clearly showed. The fertility display of included apps is mostly based on inaccurate calculations of outdated calendar methods and is therefore not usable. For this reason, a simple Symptothermal Method thermometer with no big frills is recommended especially for starters. Here, the BabyMad is certainly a good choice if you know its specifics.

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