Your Natural Fertility is Stronger Than You Think

your fertility is stronger than you think

Your natural fertility is stronger than you think! Why many couples get pregnant naturally after a long wait with the Symptothermal Method and other natural methods, I’ll show you in this article. Can one naturally become pregnant even with a long unfulfilled desire for children? To this end, I would like to tell you three child desire stories and substantiate about how I come to say, “The potential of natural fertility is much greater than you think!” Child Desire-Story 1 – naturally pregnant 4 times! The first story is about the sister of a good friend who was childless with her partner. She was told by doctors that she can’t get pregnant naturally. As a result, the couple used reproductive [...]

Gettin pregnant with the temperature method

Gettin Pregnant with temperature method

What can be done to get pregnant with the temperature method? All information for measuring the temperature and determining the fertile days. As a fertility consultant, I am repeatedly asked by women if the temperature method is worthwhile when they wish to have children? What good is it to measure your temperature and document it and evaluate the basal temperature curve? I would like to anticipate the answer. You can use the temperature method to tell if you have had an ovulation without ultrasound or hormone measurement. It is also possible to tell by the temperature curve whether you have become pregnant WITHOUT a pregnancy test! The most important thing, however, is that you can limit the fertile days with [...]

Fertility Awareness: How to take temperature with litte children?

Fertility Awareness Insider Tipp - Measuring Temperature with children

In my tip of my Fertility Insider Tip Series, I will give you some tips on how you can successfully master the task of taking your temperature, especially when you have one or more little children. Before I became a mother myself, I never thought much about how difficult it could be to keep track of my temperature. Mothers with little children often tell me how the thermometer is pulled out of their mouth, or the child wants to be lifted up, to eat or drink or demands some sort of attention, and that of course exactly then when it is time to measure the basal temperature. How is it possible, with all those disruptions to get a whole three [...]

Get Pregnant Despite Hashimoto and Luteal Insufficiency

Gettin Pregnant with Hashimoto and luteal insufficiency

Hey, I have great news for you guys, I got pregnant despite Hashimoto and luteal insufficiency. It’s something very special to get pregnant and we, Marcus and I are extremely pleased. You can now get the exact details of how I managed to do so – in this article. Get Pregnant in the 1st practice cycle As with my first pregnancy, it worked out well in the first relevant practice cycle, suggesting what an important key the Symptothermal Method can be to getting pregnant. Because we only had sex once before ovulation in this cycle, without the Symptothermal Method, I should have been very lucky to get hold of the highly fertile days for ovulation. My ovulation was much later [...]

Get pregnant with Two Days Method

two days method - get pregnant

Learn the simplest cervical mucus method in the world the two days method here to finally get pregnant naturally The simplest cervical mucus method in the world is the two-day method. There is only one rule to determine the fertile days in the menstrual cycle. Cervical Mucus Rule: A woman is fertile as long as she observes cervical mucus and a day later. This cervical mucus method is as simple as the weather such that a woman is fertile in the rainy season (with cervical mucus) and is infertile in the dry season (without cervical mucus). In addition, no documentation is required for this method, as with other Natural Family Planning (NFP) methods. The woman only has to ask herself [...]

Getting pregnant with the Lady Cycle app

fertility App - LadyCycle

Do you want an app that shows you when you have your high fertile days and to get pregnant with the help of this information? Then I’ll show you a potential LadyCycle App you can use. Today, I’m testing the latest version (2.7.0) of the Lady Cycle app for Android devices for all readers of this blog. In this report, I check different things of the Lady cycle app and end up giving a total conclusion. I take a close look at the technical implementation and design of cycle documentation, the price-performance ratio, fertility display and support. Technical implementation and design of cycle documentation I installed the Lady Cycle app on my Android phone (Samsung) and opened it shortly afterwards. [...]

Basal temperature measurement with luminous hourglass

temperature measurement with hourglas

In this Article, I will explain to you how when measuring basal body temperature for 3 minutes, a luminescent hourglass can help determine the fertile days. Recently, I wrote to a woman who works in shift work and wants to determine her high-fertile days in the cycle in order to become pregnant faster through sex at the right time with the Symptothermal Method. Basically I explained to her that with shift work, there is no problem with the application of the Symptothermal Method, because in over 90% of the cycles, the fertile days in the cycle can be determined despite shift work. It is really only important to regularly measure the basal temperature and observe the cervical mucus. The woman [...]

From female discharge to cervical mucus

vaginal discharge - cervical mucus - video

Dear women, please do not be afraid of female discharge from your vagina – it is usually only a natural cervical mucus!With this article, you’ll see the difference between abnormal and normal female discharge. Female Discharge – Definition In general, any secretion flowing out of the female vagina is called a female discharge (Genital discharge, vaginal discharge). Many immediately associate it with a disease such as vaginal fungus or the like. In most cases, however, it is cervical mucus that usually accompanies every female cycle. Women who observe their cycle and symptoms can tell by the look of the female vaginal discharge or cervical mucus at what stage of their cycle they are. The cycle observation can be done, for [...]

L-Care Basal Thermometer Testing


Is the L-Care basal thermometer suitable for the application of the Symptothermal Method to determine the fertile days in the cycle when having children? Right here is my test report about functionality, operation and design! After my beloved digital Geratherm basal thermometer was suddenly no longer available online, I looked around for alternatives. It was particularly important to me to find a good basal thermometer for beginners of the Symptothermal Method. The thermometer you are looking for should be easy to use and visually beautiful to look at. I immediately noticed the L-Care basal thermometer which I ordered and tested it immediately. In this article I will tell you whether L-Care is suitable for the determination of fertile days with [...]

Get Pregnant with Lily app


Can you get pregnant with the lily app? I’ve done it twice! My detailed test review of the Lily iPhone app. Now I’m going to introduce you to my favourite iPhone app with which I got pregnant two times: Lily. Like any other cycle app, the description reads thus (AppStore description: “Lily is a remarkably simple and beautiful way to determine your own fertility during the cycle, the ideal way to learn more about your own body – reliably, discreetly and Absolutely private!“). But already when entering menstruation, Lily differs from the other countless cycle apps to determine the fertile days. Design of the Lily app Intuitive and easy input meets super beautiful design with individual color matching. Yeah! You’ve [...]

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