When is ovulation?

When is ovulation

This is probably one of the biggest questions of humanity: “When is ovulation?” Maybe you’re asking yourself, “When is my ovulation?” The answer you will get in this article. Most women think that it is possible to calculate the time of ovulation, but that is not right. The natural cycle is simply subject to many fluctuations that make calculating ovulation too inaccurate. In the last post on my pregnancy cycle it was clearly shown that with the “Sex according to an ovulation calculator” approach, I probably would not have become pregnant so simply. From a medical standpoint, you can only use ultrasound or body observation to answer the question: “When is ovulation?” reliably. Since most do not have an ultrasound [...]

What do breast pain after ovulation reveal?

breast pain after ovulation

Many women observe slight breast pain after ovulation. What the breast symptom can reveal and how you can use it to get pregnant. Many women incredibly observe tensioning of the breast or slight pain in the breast as the next menstrual period draws near. Why do these mysterious breast pains occur? Can this breast symptom, as it is called in professional circles, tell us without doubt when ovulation is over? In this article, you will get the answers and many more tips on how to use the breast symptom. When and why do the breast pain or the breast symptom occur? The causes of the origin of the breast symptom have not yet been fully clarified. Most scientists assume that [...]

My Pregnancy Test Experience

Pregnancy Test Experience

How do pregnancy tests work at all? When should you test in the cycle? Which tests are best? You’ll find out now! I’m always asked how pregnancy tests actually work when is best to test in the cycle and which tests are best? To answer this question, I tried out three different tests- the ClearBlue expensive pregnancy tests, low cost one step test as well as a highly sensitive company one step tests and their efficiency in my pregnancy cycle compared to the Symptothermal method, which gives women 99% certainty Can recognize pregnancy without a test. The results herein in this article: How does a pregnancy test work? As you know, you can only become pregnant when sperm and ovum [...]

The 3 Secrets of Ovulation Bleeding

Ovulation Bleeding Thumnail

What are the 3 secrets that ovulation bleeding can tell you? In this article, you’ll discover why ovulation bleeding happens, how you can recognize it, and if it tells you when ovulation happens. For many women, ovulation bleeding seems unusual or mysterious, because knowledge about the different types of bleeding is often very limited. Women start or stop taking birth control pills, and suddenly experience bleeding in the middle of their cycles. But what does this midcycle bleeding tell us, why does it happen, and can it really tell us when ovulation occurs? As a fertility counselor, I’ve seen many cycles with ovulation bleeding, and in this article, I’ll tell you the three major secrets of ovulation bleeding. But that’s [...]

Sex According to an Ovulation Calculator

sex according to ovulation calculator

Can sex at the time determined by an ovulation calculator make you pregnant more easily? My Ultimate Test Report and Comparison with FAMs. For a long time, I’ve wondered whether ovulation calculators are really effective when you want to have children. I’m writing about this because as a fertility counselor, I know that many women try to become pregnant using an ovulation calculator. In this article, I won’t just explain how an ovulation calculator works, but will also compare with what is, in my opinion, the best natural method for fertility. In addition, I won’t use just any cycle, but rather the pregnancy cycle of my girlfriend. Which is to say the cycle in which our little son was created. [...]

Ovulation Pain – A Sure Sign of Ovulation?

Ovulation Pain

Is ovulation pain a sure sign of ovulation? All about how to use ovulation pain as a sign of fertility in your quest to have a child. As a fertility counselor, I’m often asked whether ovulation pains can indicate ovulation, how to recognize ovulation pains, why they happen, and whether they can be used to determine the fertile days in your cycle. In this article, I will answer all these questions and provide evidence for my answers with medical studies from the German book NFP heute. The book’s title means “Fertility Awareness Today,” but unfortunately, there isn’t an English translation available. At the end of this article, I have another little surprise for you. I hope you’re excited! How can [...]

My first Signs of Pregnancy

signs of pregnancy

How Can You Know If You’re Pregnant? The 11 Most Important Signs of Pregnancy, Explained Quickly and Clearly You often hear about women who didn’t know that they were pregnant for a long time, or even until shortly before giving birth. How can that be, when there are such obvious signs of pregnancy? Is there too little information available, or do these women just have too little awareness of their bodies? Either way, they’re real-the definite signs of pregnancy. Body awareness is the only way to notice that you’re pregnant quickly. With my own experiences, which I’ll write about here, I want to help women to recognize their pregnancies more quickly. In the process, I want to give women with [...]

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