Get pregnant with Fertility Awareness after a long wait

pregnancy rate nfp after long wait 1 - 2 years

You’ve been waiting for your desired child for a long time? A new study shows how effective fertility awareness is to get pregnant – even for couples with a long time of waiting. Most couples, of course, try to get pregnant naturally without a method. But what if it still did not work after 6 months or 12 months? Then most couples are referred directly to the fertility center after visiting the gynaecological practice – in some, hormone tests and sperm analysis test are made in advance. The result is nearly always the same in our experience: The couples are now to be “made pregnant” with reproductive medicine. The success rate of getting pregnant with modern methods of reproductive medicine [...]

Do Ovulation dreams help you to get pregnant?

Ovulation Dream Video

Do ovulation dreams help to get pregnant? Can you use your dreams to define the time of your ovulation and your fertile days? You can find more information here! I have documented my cycles and dreams and I want to show you that this can really work. Def: An ovulation dream is an erotic dream during the highly fertile time To interpret my ovulation dreams, I looked at them in connection with my cycle phase. To this end on the one hand I monitored my cycle, i.e. my signs of ovulation, such as cervical mucus and basal temperature and kept records in a cycle sheet or an app. On the other hand, I kept a dream diary. That’s how at [...]

Getting pregnant with the help of the cervix

gettin pregnant with cervix

Can the cervix help you get pregnant by showing the ovulation and your fertile days? Everything about checking your cervix and a lot more. Can the cervix indicate ovulation? Mouths opening wider each time – up until the ovulation, just as the cervix does. The cervix very slowly changes during the cycle. At the beginning it is hard and closed, but the closer the ovulation comes, the more it opens and becomes softer. Therefore, it is a direct sign for the very fertile days. The cervix is not able to indicate the ovulation on its own though. Do you really want to find our if the ovulation took place? In this case I recommend that you keep record of your [...]

Cervical Mucus – the most important sign of ovulation

cervical mucus ovulation

Cervix Mucus is the most important sign of ovulation to determine the fertile days in cycle. I will tell you how to use the mucus to get pregnant naturally. In this article I want to show you why cervical mucus is the most important signal for ovulation when you are trying to have a child. If you want to get pregnant, this is the most important signal which you can observe, and which will tell you most. Why? That is what I am going to explain in this article. Where is cervical mucus produced? Cervical mucus is produced in special glands within the neck of the uterus (crypts). The neck of the uterus is located at the lower end of [...]

Best Basal thermometer – My Experiences with Geratherm Digital

Geratherm Digital basal thermometer

Again and again, as a fertility consultant, I am asked which Symptothermal Method Basal thermometer I can recommend. I have therefore decided to present my best basal thermometers with which I have had extensive experience in a series of articles. Today is about my absolute favourite basal thermometer – the Geratherm digital, which I will present and evaluate for you, like all the other basal thermometers in this series, in the Categories technical functionalities, operation and design. Functionalities – What can the Geratherm digital do? In my view, the Geratherm digital has many very helpful features that I would not want to miss anymore. First, it can store an incredible 10 temperature values, which I think is great. Finally, I [...]

Get Pregnant with the Symptothermal method during Climacteric Period

Get Pregnant - Menopause - climacteric

How to get pregnant during the Climacteric Period before menopause? In this article, you get information about how you can boost your fertility. What does Climacteric Period actually mean? The Climacteric Period spans over a period of about 10 to 15 years and starts with most women in their early 40s. The end of the climacteric period is menopause – i.e. the last bleeding in a woman’s life. Most women have their menopause with 50 to 55 years. Menopause can only be recognized in hindsight since you can never really know if it was the last bleeding. Thus, according to the definition, menopause happens when there is no more bleeding for a year. But this does not mean that after [...]

My Ovulation Test Experience

LH Tests

My experience with Ovulation Tests: Determine Fertile Days with LH Tests – Ovulation Test Results – Comparison with the Sympthermal Method Determine fertile days with LH-test-strips Women with a desire to bear children often resort to a so-called ovulation test (ovulation) or LH test to determine the best time for successful fertilization. In this article, I will like to clarify some questions regarding the determination of ovulation with the LH test. What things should be considered when determining ovulation with ovulation test, how to interpret the test result correctly and more tips on using LH tests I have summarized all these here. All the findings relate exclusively to my own subjective ovulation test experience to determine ovulation – unless another [...]

When is ovulation?

When is ovulation

This is probably one of the biggest questions of humanity: “When is ovulation?” Maybe you’re asking yourself, “When is my ovulation?” The answer you will get in this article. Most women think that it is possible to calculate the time of ovulation, but that is not right. The natural cycle is simply subject to many fluctuations that make calculating ovulation too inaccurate. In the last post on my pregnancy cycle it was clearly shown that with the “Sex according to an ovulation calculator” approach, I probably would not have become pregnant so simply. From a medical standpoint, you can only use ultrasound or body observation to answer the question: “When is ovulation?” reliably. Since most do not have an ultrasound [...]

What do breast pain after ovulation reveal?

breast pain after ovulation

Many women observe slight breast pain after ovulation. What the breast symptom can reveal and how you can use it to get pregnant. Many women incredibly observe tensioning of the breast or slight pain in the breast as the next menstrual period draws near. Why do these mysterious breast pains occur? Can this breast symptom, as it is called in professional circles, tell us without doubt when ovulation is over? In this article, you will get the answers and many more tips on how to use the breast symptom. When and why do the breast pain or the breast symptom occur? The causes of the origin of the breast symptom have not yet been fully clarified. Most scientists assume that [...]

My Pregnancy Test Experience

Pregnancy Test Experience

How do pregnancy tests work at all? When should you test in the cycle? Which tests are best? You’ll find out now! I’m always asked how pregnancy tests actually work when is best to test in the cycle and which tests are best? To answer this question, I tried out three different tests- the ClearBlue expensive pregnancy tests, low cost one step test as well as a highly sensitive company one step tests and their efficiency in my pregnancy cycle compared to the Symptothermal method, which gives women 99% certainty Can recognize pregnancy without a test. The results herein in this article: How does a pregnancy test work? As you know, you can only become pregnant when sperm and ovum [...]

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