Do Ovulation dreams help you to get pregnant?

Do ovulation dreams help to get pregnant? Can you use your dreams to define the time of your ovulation and your fertile days? You can find more information here!

I have documented my cycles and dreams and I want to show you that this can really work.

Def: An ovulation dream is an erotic dream during the highly fertile time

To interpret my ovulation dreams, I looked at them in connection with my cycle phase. To this end on the one hand I monitored my cycle, i.e. my signs of ovulation, such as cervical mucus and basal temperature and kept records in a cycle sheet or an app. On the other hand, I kept a dream diary. That’s how at one point and by chance I found a recurring pattern of my dreams in connection with my highly fertile phase! I want to show you quickly how exactly I did all of this.

Step 1: Define fertile days – ovulation dreams

To define my highly fertile days I used the Symptothermal Method, using the documented signs of ovulation such as cervical mucus and basal temperature to define the highly fertile phase in the cycle. I want to explain that to you using a simple example, so you can get a better idea how this can work:
A cycle begins with the first day of your menstruation and ends one day before your next menstruation. If you look at the temperature curve, you can notice a higher measurement of the basal temperature if an ovulation took place. There are different rules allowing you to see if ovulation took place according to how the temperature curve looks.

When is ovulation - basal temperature

Ovulation in connection with the first higher measurement of the basal temperature

In the easiest case you can do this with, amongst others, the 3 over 6 rule. To do this you have to find three higher temperatures and six lower temperatures in the temperature curve. The first higher measurement of the basal temperature is called first higher measurement. Studies show that ovulation usually takes place one day before and one day after the first higher measurement. Therefore, we can say that the first higher measurement does have quite a strong connection with the ovulation.

Ovulation dream in menstrual cycle

Ovulation dreams in the cycle

Using the first higher measurement in combination with monitoring your cervical mucus, which I explain in detail in my book, you can narrow down your highly fertile days during the cycle. After having defined the highly fertile days in the cycle you can check if you had an erotic dream during this highly fertile time. If you have an erotic dream during the highly fertile time, you mark this with a heart with a T inside;).

Step 2: Ovulation dreams – Example cycle

Ovulation Dream - Example Cycle

Ovulation dream experiment for users of Fertility Awareness

Next, I want to show you a cycle in which I indeed had an ovulation dream. It was the 17th cycle in which I was able to monitor my temperature curve and my cervical mucus. My highly fertile time in this case was between the 13th and 19th day of the cycle. In the night between the 16th and 17th day of the cycle – i.e. exactly during the highly fertile days – I had an erotic dream;). I marked this ovulation dream in my cycle chart with a heart with an T in the middle just as I explained before. If you want to get pregnant you would have only had to have sex for example in the morning after the ovulation dream and you would have hit your highly fertile time around ovulation.

Step 3: Ovulation dream experiment

Now the biggest question for me was, if I could regularly rely on my ovulation dreams. Because in the end, just because you had one cycle where you incidentally had an erotic dream during the highly fertile days of the cycle, you still can’t say anything about it in general. To find out how often I have erotic dreams during my highly fertile phase, I have conducted an ovulation dream experiment. To this end, I wrote down during 16 cycles when my highly fertile days were and when I had erotic dreams and compared both. You can see the results in the graphic!

Ovulation Dream Experiment

Overview of my ovulation experiment. ZT = day of the cycle

My experiment showed that I had an erotic dream in about 8 out of 16 cycles (50%). I wasn’t very consistent though, as I only listed the erotic dreams which stayed in my mind or which I could actively remember. During almost all the cycles I had the erotic dreams in the highly fertile time. Just in one case I had the erotic dreams shortly before the highly fertile time began. Therefore I can say that for me personally ovulation dreams are similarly relevant for the highly fertile days as the Midcycle Pain.


In my opinion, ovulation dreams are an important sign of ovulation, especially for women how remember their dreams more often. Based on experience, the ability to remember your dreams increases when you write down your dreams, i.e. keep a dream diary. This is similar to the fertile days, which you can sense better if you have already defined your fertile days during many cycles. In order to evaluate if ovulation dreams are similarly significant for as many women as the Midcycle Pain, further studies are needed. It is a fact that erotic dreams do not have to occur in all cycles and therefore cannot be used as a main sign to define the fertile days. For almost all women it is only possible to define the fertile days and to narrow down the point of ovulation by monitoring cervical mucus or cervix in combination with the basal temperature. Nevertheless, secondary signs of ovulation including Midcycle Pain, ovulation dreams or ovulation tests can help to understand your body and your cycle even better. This can be very important when defining your fertile days to finally get pregnant!

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