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Get Pregnant Tips 300Want to get pregnant quickly? Here are my top tips and tricks on how to get pregnant quickly, which you can put into practice right away.

How can I get pregnant quickly? This is what we are asked again and again by women, who we personally accompany on their desire to have children. In this article, we introduce tips and tricks In this article, we introduce tips and tricks to get pregnant quickly which in our view are the most important ones – with which you can significantly increase the probability of conception. Here we have tried to be really scientifically sound and to deposit every tip with a study so that you can see that it really does bring something!

Tip 1: Take the Time, to get pregnant quickly!

As the first get pregnant quick tip, I want to take the pressure off you. In my daily life as a fertility coach, I meet soooo many women and couples who believe you have to be 100% pregnant within three months. This self-generated time pressure not only stresses immensely, but does not correspond to reality. In fact, even with healthy women and couples, the chance of getting pregnant within a year is 85%, not 100%. After 6 months, approximately 60% of women and couples are pregnant, when all are healthy. This was evident in studies on the Pearl Index, which looked at how many women and couples become pregnant without contraception within a year. So it’s realistic to schedule 6 to 12 months to get pregnant quickly. That’s why my first tip to you is: Stop putting yourself under such pressure and give yourself the time it takes. A guideline is that many women become pregnant within 6 to 12 months. Likewise, I would encourage you to use your common sense and stop quitting any Becoming Pregnant Fast tips that promise pregnancy in just 90 days. This is scientifically speaking, extremely frivolous and comparable to the question: “How do I become a millionaire within 90 days?.“ Clearly it’s a great marketing strategy to promise fast pregnancies or just the quick money, but helpful Getting Pregnant Fast Tips won’t be there. On the contrary – this time pressure can lead to stress, which is rather counterproductive for fertility, as we will see.

Tip 2: Relax consciously!

Relaxation is also especially important if you want to get pregnant. A 2016 Study of 400 women showed that stress negatively affected the chance of getting pregnant. In the study, only one in four women became pregnant within a maximum of 20 cycles if they had stress in the fertile phase. For this reason, it is enormously important: As soon as you realize that something is stressing you, strive for relaxation immediately. A good start, for example, is a sleep meditation every evening. You can download them free of charge on YouTube and listen to them to fall asleep on your MP3 player or something similar. What’s important here is that you don’t listen to it with a device that has Wi-Fi enabled. Personally, I always turn on flight mode or put the mobile phone off far from the bedroom before going to sleep to keep the Electrosmog as low as possible in my sleep time. I would also recommend that if you want to get pregnant. As a general rule, pay attention to a pleasant sleeping environment. You can also do more things to optimise a balance between tension and relaxation. How about, for example, Yoga, Walking, Shopping, Wellness Massage, Sauna, Thermal bath, Afternoon nap,…?

Tip 3: Determine your Fertile Days!

Now I have already mentioned in Becoming Pregnant Tip 1 that about 85% of women and couples who have sex without contraception for a year become pregnant. This pregnancy rate can also be achieved after ONLY six months, if you determine your fertile days in the cycle. After all, women and couples don’t automatically always have sex on the fertile days around ovulation. Well, if you don’t have sex on the fertile days, you can’t get pregnant. It’s that simple! Thus, most women and couples do not use their maximum fertility potential in every cycle. For example, you can miss the fertile days when a woman rarely has sex with her husband, lives in a long-distance relationship, works in shifts or has longer cycles due to a cycle feature such as PCOS etc … What makes matters worse is that many women think you can calculate the fertile days and use an ovulation calculator or menstrual cycle app to determine the fertile period. In my article “Ovulation Calculator, how good are they really?”, I have already shown in detail why the ovulation calculators and menstrual cycle apps can’t work. However, the fertile days can be reliably determined using methods based on body observation of ovulation signs such as cervical mucus and basal body temperature.

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C Gnoth et. al. Hum Reprod. 2003 Sep;18(9):1959-66.

The Symptothermal Method is the first choice because it has been scientifically studied best and its rules make it applicable to almost all women. It doesn’t matter how long or short your cycles are, whether you work in shifts or whether you have an irregular lifestyle. The Symptothermal Method is applicable under all circumstances, provided you have a cycle. In a 2003 study, it was shown that the Symptothermal Method (NFP) can significantly increase the pregnancy rate within 6 months. Incredible, but as many as 81% of women became pregnant within 6 months, which is almost as many as without a year-long method. Thus, the Symptothermal Method is my best tip to get pregnant quickly. How the Symptothermal Method works, I explain to you in my eBook – When am I fertile?, with which many women have already become pregnant. Personally, I successfully got pregnant twice with the Symptothermal Method in the first cycle.

Tip 4: Make use of Cycle Diagnostics

With the Symptothermal Method, you can determine not only the fertile days in the cycle, but also the causes of why you have not become pregnant so far. The basic idea of cycle diagnostics is simple. Take 40,000 cycles of over 2000 women and then use mathematical statistics to evaluate what a fertile, normal cycle of a healthy woman looks like. Likewise, you can also look at cycles that have peculiarities and differ from the typical normal course. That way, the Symptothermal Method makes it easy to find out if you’re really ovulating. In addition, it is possible to diagnose a luteal insufficiency and estimate its severity. Finally, evidence can also be found for cycle peculiarities such as PCOS or diseases such as endometriosis on the basis of the cycle curve. Cycle diagnostics is also explained in detail in my book and is an important tool that, especially in combination with medical diagnostics – can provide valuable information for optimizing individual fertility. Anyone who observes their cycle learns more about themselves and what really influences their cycle. Too often I have experienced that women like to eat monk’s pepper, cycle teas and much more without even having a clue whether their bodies and cycle need it at all. In the worst case, this wild testing of remedies can ruin your natural pregnancy cycle and make you become even more difficult to get pregnant. I myself diagnosed my luteal insufficiency with the Symptothermal Method and later understood that this was related to my thyroid disease. Thanks to the Symptothermal Method, I knew what to look out for and was able to take more care of my thyroid and luteal Insufficiency, which is one of the factors that helped me to get pregnant twice in the first cycle. Contrary to the approach “I’m pro – I’ll try out everything“, I was able to do something specific for my cycle – which I knew I needed. I could also see from my cycle whether my natural therapy of luteal insufficiency, as I had conceived it with my Naturopath and Physician, really works. For this reason, my Becoming Pregnant Quick tip can be clear, if you do the Symptothermal Method, and then also use cycle diagnostics!

Tip 5 – Feed yourself consciously!

Nutritional tips are available on the Internet like sand by the sea. But what does healthy eating actually mean? Which diet is good for fertility? This depends on a lot of different factors. For example, women with Endometriosis, PCOS, Thyroid disease or Autoimmune diseases need a very different diet because of their disease than women who are healthy. So there’s a way to optimize what kind of food you eat. Food and nutrition should be chosen in such a way that it does not favour the present disease. To do this, you have to visit a nutrition expert or nutritionist or just read one book or another on this topic. For example, I have thyroid disease and therefore eat less gluten-containing foods because gluten is not good for the thyroid. This has permanently stabilized my cycle and especially my Luteal phase. Similarly, a major problem is globalisation and the production of today’s food. We can buy genetically modified tomatoes from Holland, with poison and pesticides, fertilized bananas from Spain, etc., as well as ready-made food with artificial flavors, preservatives and additives at every corner. Healthy foods of good quality from the region are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain today. That low-quality foods are not good for fertility is logical and does not require any study. The body can only function well if it gets the best food. For this reason, I always recommend eating local organic products that are as unprocessed as possible. This can often be found on the weekly market or in organic shops. The third and final point regarding nutrition is the optimisation of food packaging, which can negatively affect fertility. For example, plastic packaging often contains dangerous plasticizers, such as Bisphenol A, which have been shown in Studies to reduce fertility. Infertile women have been shown in these studies to have a higher proportion of Bisphenol A in the body than fertile women. This allows you to pay more attention and, for example, drink water from glass bottles in unpackaged shops or go shopping from the weekly market, etc. The last factor to consider when optimizing nutrition, is the feeling of which foods are really good for you? After eating, feel within yourself how you and your body are doing with it? This approach has made me personally more sensitive and I choose a lot of my food, not only from a scientific point of view, but also according to my feeling.

Tip 6: Seduce your husband!

Sure – the tip of just having sex to get pregnant, might be too obvious now. That’s why I want to tell you the following: Men also sometimes like to be seduced. The desire for sex in general can be at the top, especially in the fertile period. Who likes sex on demand and only because it’s just about to ovulate? So – no matter which Cycle Day is today and no matter how long it is until the next ovulation, listen deep into your feeling of pleasure and feel how, where and when you really have LUST to have sex with your husband. I suppose you already know your husband very well, because you can also imagine having a child together with him. That’s why something very great comes to mind, how best to seduce him. Maybe Sunday morning after he returns from the rolls, open the door to him naked (and hope then that the neighbor isn’t standing at the door;D).

Tip 7: Enjoy time as a couple!

Since you will probably soon be pregnant and another nine months later hold a baby in your arms, think of you and your partner and that you will most likely not do certain things alone as a couple for some time once your baby arrives. Therefore, go to the movies NOW, if you like to go to the movies with your husband, or dance, romantic dinner, attend concerts, musicals, amusement parks or whatever else you like to do together as a couple. Enjoy the time as a couple especially consciously – that makes you strong together as future parents. Believe me, this is really important to be a good team when you have children together and then live together as a family in everyday life. I speak from personal experience.

Tip 8: Do healthy sports!

Sport, of course, is almost always good for health in general – especially for your fertility. Here, however, one has to distinguish between competitive sport and healthy sport. While competitive sports in documented individual cases can negatively impact the cycle and fertility due to overstraining, health sports such as Yoga are good for fertility. This is mainly due to the fact that health sport can reduce stress. There are initial Yoga Studies related to IVF that suggest a positive effect of Yoga on pregnancy rate. If you and your husband do your favorite sport together, you would even get several benefits at once. Your fertility will be strengthened with both of you, you feel better, spend time together as a couple and so on. That is perfect!

Tip 9: Find out about pregnancy & childbirth!

Now that I have had two pregnancies and births, I have learned a lot. Above all, that it is very very important to inform yourself really well on BEFORE. I only learned a lot during the birth preparation of my second son, which could have helped me enormously at the first birth to experience the birth more beautifully. Pregnancy and childbirth are a broad topic – at first you may have difficulty orienting yourself. Personally, reading the book “FreeBirth“ by Sarah Schmid, dealing with the topic of self-determination, gentle childbirth and talking to women who have already experienced a beautiful pregnancy and childbirth helped the most. If you like, check out my Playlist on YouTube about my pregnancy. These topics, too, could be interesting to deal with and take a clear position on them before pregnancy, because once you are pregnant, sooner or later everything will come to you and then you may not have enough time to worry about it, to Find out about: Diaper-free, breastfeeding, Co-Sleeping, Vaccinating pros & conts, Medical check-ups, Daycare, domestic help in Puerperium,…

Tip 10: A secret of you and your husband!

I think it can really be beneficial for starters if you are tacitly outgoing with your husband. This connects you again in a different way, if you guard your common decision to invite a baby to you as a common secret. It also saves you the annoying questions of curious acquaintances: “And are you pregnant now?“ This in turn reduces stress and thus contributes to the serenity of the desire to have children and to increase fertility.

Tip 11: Go on vacation!

Holidays has already led to so many pregnancies. I didn’t see it with myself, but with many clients of mine, whom I was allowed to accompany while pregnant. This has always impressed me how effective such a holiday can be in terms of becoming pregnant. Presumably, on holiday, all the tension falls away from everyday life and the body thinks to itself: “So … Now, fast though. Now or never – before all the stress comes again … ”

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