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Cervical Mucus - Video

Cervical Mucus – Video

Learn the simplest cervical mucus method in the world the two days method here to finally get pregnant naturally
The simplest cervical mucus method in the world is the two-day method. There is only one rule to determine the fertile days in the menstrual cycle.

Cervical Mucus Rule:
A woman is fertile as long as she observes cervical mucus and a day later.

This cervical mucus method is as simple as the weather such that a woman is fertile in the rainy season (with cervical mucus) and is infertile in the dry season (without cervical mucus). two days method - get pregnantIn addition, no documentation is required for this method, as with other Natural Family Planning (NFP) methods. The woman only has to ask herself two questions in the application: Did I observe cervical mucus today and did I observe cervical mucus yesterday? If she has to answer either of the two questions with YES, she is fertile and a sexual intercourse that day could lead to pregnancy. In principle, therefore, only the last two days play a role in determining fertility, which is why this cervical mucus method is also called Two-Day Method (TDM). Since no records are required for the method, it is mainly used in developing countries with high illiteracy. In Guatemala, Peru and the Philippines, the cervical mucus method (TDM) was very well accepted by women.

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The principle of the Two Days Method (TDM)

The Two Days Method (TDM) is only suitable for childbearing – as a contraceptive method, their safety is not sufficient for most women in the industrialized countries. Here you should use the Symptothermal Method whose safety is comparable to that of pills.
The fact that the Two Days Method (TDM) is simple is undisputed. However, one wonders if it is really effective. It is true that this cervical mucus method provides a statement about the fertile and infertile days. However, with this cervical mucus method, it is not possible to limit the highly fertile days. To limit the high fertile days around ovulation, you have to be able to interpret both the cervical mucus and the basal temperature as the fertility sign, what you need for this I have explained to you in my Get Pregnant Starter Set. In this article, I would like to show you how you can significantly improve the Two Days Method (TDM) with a little more knowledge about cervical mucus. Much like you can easily conjure a star cooking meal from a simple basic recipe with a few modifications. How to do that, we want to show you in the next section.

The simple cervical mucus method

For the modification of the Two Days Method (TDM) one has to understand three very important points:

I. Without cervical mucus, sperm cannot survive

The cervical mucus nourishes the sperm and protects the sperm from the acidic environment in the vagina. Without cervical mucus, sperm can only survive in the vagina for up to 30 minutes. With cervical mucus, they remain ready for fertilization for about three to five days. Thus, it becomes easy to understand why women with cervical mucus are fertile and infertile without cervical mucus. The Two Days Method (TDM) uses this fact purposefully.

II. The cervical mucus changes in the cycle

The cycle begins on the first day of menstrual bleeding and ends a day before the onset of the next menstruation. In principle, it is divided into two phases – the egg maturation phase (before ovulation) and the luteal phase (after ovulation)! In the luteal phase, the production of the hormone estrogen increases and this allows the cervical mucus to be produced in the crypts of the cervix. In the beginning, the water content in the mucus is still low, so it looks lumpy and white like yoghurt or quark. The closer the ovulation gets, the higher the water content in the cervical mucus and you can compare it with water or liquid protein. After ovulation, the water content in the cervical mucus decreases again as estrogen production decreases.

III. Ovulation is close when the cervical mucus has the best quality

The cervical mucus is postovulatory, which means that it usually reaches its best quality just before ovulation. The best cervical mucus quality is different for every woman, but the following rule of thumb applies:

The woman has the best chance of becoming pregnant on wet days with transparent spinnable cervical mucus.
So you just have to modify the Two Days Method (TDM) a little bit and add it to a rule so that it is even more effective.

Rule 1:

I am fertile on days with cervical mucus.

Rule 2:

On wet days with spinnable, transparent cervical mucus, I am highly fertile.
We want to call this cervical mucus method simple because it is simple and effective. The woman only has to ask herself two questions. 1. Have I observed cervical mucus? 2. Was the quality of the cervical mucus very good? If she can answer both questions with YES, she is highly fertile and can become pregnant with a high probability. You can read how to document the quality of the cervical mucus and determine its quality in our popular article “Cervical Mucus – most important sign of ovulation”.

Two Days Method method Pros & Cons


♣ Easy to use
♣ Applicable for every cycle length
♣ cost-free method
♣ Possible to start the method at any time
♣ No side effects
♣ Cycle recording not necessary
♣ Increases body observation and confidence in one’s own body


♣ Not suitable for contraception, due to poor safety
♣ It cannot be established beyond a reasonable doubt whether ovulation really took place
♣ High number of fertile days in the cycle
♣ The highly fertile period cannot be determined as accurately as with the Symptothermal Method


The simple Two Days Method is a good simple method that is certainly justified if you wish to have children or in developing countries. However, to determine the highly fertile days requires more complex methods. With the Symptothermal Method, which uses both the basal temperature and the cervical mucus to determine the highly fertile days, ovulation can be precisely narrowed down to a few days. With this method, you can also use the temperature curve to tell if you have become pregnant and calculate the expected date of birth. In my Get Pregnant Starter Set, I explain to you exactly what you need to learn about the Symptothermal Method. If you want to have more tips on getting pregnant, then sign up for my email newsletter under the article and you will receive regular information on this topic on my top tips for getting pregnant.

Before using the Two Days Method, we recommend reading appropriate specialist literature or consult a trained physician or a Symptothermal Method consultant. The simple cervical mucus Method is not suitable for contraception. We do not accept any liability for the consequences resulting from the application, of the cervical mucus method described here.

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