Get pregnant with Billings Ovulation Method

Cervical Mucus Ovulation

Learn to use the Billings ovulation method here to get pregnant, interpret the cervical mucus correctly and determine the fertile days in the cycle. The Billings ovulation method is based on the cervical mucus sign, the main fertility sign if you desire to have children. Because the cervical mucus significantly changes its quality before ovulation, so that with proper interpretation and sex you can get pregnant more easily and quickly in the most fertile period. How does the cervical mucus change in the cycle? The cervical mucus is formed in the crypts of the cervix. It is one of a woman’s most significant body secretions, as it can perform four different tasks. 1. Protection of sperm from the acidic vaginal [...]

Why is men‘s fertility decreasing dramatically?

Fertility Men - Study - Future

Studies show that male fertility decreasing by about a third between 1989 and 2005. Why is this decline occurring? What can be done about it? In a study [1] in France with about 26,000 couples in treatment for unfulfilled desire to have children, a decrease in sperm concentration of about 32 percent was observed between the period 1989 and 2005. The men had to do a Spermiogram regularly in this study, so the study data are very reliable. While the average 35-year-old man from 1989 still had a sperm concentration of 73.6 million spermatozoa per ml of ejaculate, in 2005 there were only 49.9 million spermatozoa left. As I have described in my article “Voegeli Prevention for Men,“ a man [...]

Master of Menstrual cycle

menstrual cycle

How does the menstrual cycle work? Increase your knowledge of your body and the fertile days and become a Master of Menstrual cycle in just 5 minutes! The menstrual cycle begins on the first day of the menstrual period and ends on the last day before the next menstrual period. The length of the menstrual cycle can vary from woman to woman and from menstrual cycle to menstrual cycle. Usually, the menstrual cycle lasts 23 to 35 days. Contrary to the presentation of many textbooks, most women do not have a 28-Days menstrual cycle. In a study of 10,000 cycles of healthy women, only 13% had a menstrual cycle length of 28 Days. The menstrual cycle can be divided into [...]

Ovulation calculator – are they really that good?

Ovulation Calculators - How good are they really?

In this article, you’ll learn everything about ovulation calculators. Is it possible to calculate the fertile days and thus become pregnant more easily? As a fertility expert, Women keep asking me if you can’t just calculate the fertile days in the cycle with an ovulation calculator? Can an ovulation calculator really help you get pregnant or is that just a utopia? I set out to show you in this article in concrete terms what an ovulation calculator is really worth and how it works. Finally, I will objectively evaluate the ovulation calculator with regard to the fertility indicator. How does an ovulation calculator work? An ovulation calculator calculates the fertile and infertile days in the cycle based on the average [...]

Menstrual Cycle Quiz

menstrual cycle quiz

Test your knowledge about the menstrual cycle to determine the fertile days to get pregnant faster. Are you the Master of Menstrual Cycle? Here is a nice menstrual quiz for you with 15 important questions! Please click on start to beginn quiz. For every right answer you get 1 Point. If you have 15 Points, you are the master of menstrual cycle. Have fun and good luck: Are you the Master of Menstrual Cycle? Read the section for your overall score 0 to 5 points – Loser of menstrual cycle Your knowledge about the menstrual cycle is insufficient and very sketchy. The Fertility TV Team strongly advise you to repeat the test and leave your residue with the book WHEN [...]

How to get pregnant with Calendar Method?

Calender Method

Is it easier to get pregnant with the Calendar Method and calculate the fertile days? Everything about the Calender Method and how it works. Again and again, we have women in our fertility consultation who use the Calendar Method to calculate the fertile days in order to get pregnant faster and easier. But is the Calendar Method really worthwhile? How does it work? And can you really calculate the fertile days, or is that not possible? In this article, I’ll show you exactly how the Calendar Method works. To find out how good the Calendar Method really is, I will compare it with the best method for the desire to have children right now. For the comparison to be really [...]

Gettin pregnant with the temperature method

Gettin Pregnant with temperature method

What can be done to get pregnant with the temperature method? All information for measuring the temperature and determining the fertile days. As a fertility consultant, I am repeatedly asked by women if the temperature method is worthwhile when they wish to have children? What good is it to measure your temperature and document it and evaluate the basal temperature curve? I would like to anticipate the answer. You can use the temperature method to tell if you have had an ovulation without ultrasound or hormone measurement. It is also possible to tell by the temperature curve whether you have become pregnant WITHOUT a pregnancy test! The most important thing, however, is that you can limit the fertile days with [...]

Get pregnant with Two Days Method

two days method - get pregnant

Learn the simplest cervical mucus method in the world the two days method here to finally get pregnant naturally The simplest cervical mucus method in the world is the two-day method. There is only one rule to determine the fertile days in the menstrual cycle. Cervical Mucus Rule: A woman is fertile as long as she observes cervical mucus and a day later. This cervical mucus method is as simple as the weather such that a woman is fertile in the rainy season (with cervical mucus) and is infertile in the dry season (without cervical mucus). In addition, no documentation is required for this method, as with other Natural Family Planning (NFP) methods. The woman only has to ask herself [...]

Basal temperature measurement with luminous hourglass

temperature measurement with hourglas

In this Article, I will explain to you how when measuring basal body temperature for 3 minutes, a luminescent hourglass can help determine the fertile days. Recently, I wrote to a woman who works in shift work and wants to determine her high-fertile days in the cycle in order to become pregnant faster through sex at the right time with the Symptothermal Method. Basically I explained to her that with shift work, there is no problem with the application of the Symptothermal Method, because in over 90% of the cycles, the fertile days in the cycle can be determined despite shift work. It is really only important to regularly measure the basal temperature and observe the cervical mucus. The woman [...]

The 7 most important signs of ovulation

7 signs of ovulation

The 7 most important signs of ovulation from basal body temperature to cervical mucus and how you can use them to get pregnant faster. There are many signs of ovulation, but only a few that will really help you. In this article, you will learn about the 7 most important signs of ovulation. After you have read all 7 ovulation signs, YOU will know when your individual ovulation is and can have sex on these days to become pregnant with very high probability. Interested? So let’s go! 1. Basal body temperature The basal body temperature is the only body sign you can observe and it can tell you exactly if you had ovulation. To do this, however, you need to [...]