Get Pregnant Despite Hashimoto and Luteal Insufficiency

Gettin Pregnant with Hashimoto and luteal insufficiency

Gettin Pregnant with Hashimoto and Luteal insufficiency

Hey, I have great news for you guys, I got pregnant despite Hashimoto and luteal insufficiency. It’s something very special to get pregnant and we, Marcus and I are extremely pleased. You can now get the exact details of how I managed to do so – in this article.

Get Pregnant in the 1st practice cycle

As with my first pregnancy, it worked out well in the first relevant practice cycle, suggesting what an important key the Symptothermal Method can be to getting pregnant. Because we only had sex once before ovulation in this cycle, without the Symptothermal Method, I should have been very lucky to get hold of the highly fertile days for ovulation. My ovulation was much later than on the 14th day of the Cycle. But with the help of the Symptothermal Method, that was possible.

pregnancy cycle - natural family planning My second pregnancy cycle

As you can see from the pregnancy cycle, I had my first higher measurement (1sthM) on the 25th cycle day. That means that my ovulation was around at that moment. So my cervical mucus peak was on the 22nd cycle day a few days before the 1st.hM of basal temperature. My pregnancy cycle shows that even with late ovulation, women may very well get pregnant! At first, however, I didn’t even think I was pregnant, as I got my normal bleeding from the 33rd Cycle Day on, as usual about 9 to 11 days after my temperature rise. Without the Symptothermal Method, I would most likely not have expected a pregnancy in this cycle at all and would have only noticed very late that I am pregnant. However, even though I had a bleeding, my breast symptom just didn’t stop. Usually, this is not the case with me, because with me, the breast tenderness usually disappeared immediately after the onset of menstrual bleeding.
So I then measured temperature again and contrary to my expectation, my basal body temperature remained increased or rose even further and so I already guessed that I was pregnant! Finally, the temperature remains elevated when pregnancy occurs until the onset of birth. Since I still had pregnancy tests strips at home anyway and wanted yet another confirmation for myself, I took a test. The pregnancy test showed a positive result – initially only a very light second stroke, but about five days later a very distinct second stroke.

Natural Treatment for Hashimoto and luteal insufficiency

In order to treat my Hashimoto and my luteal insufficiency naturally, I changed my diet and, above all, ate mostly gluten-free and vegan and avoided industrial sugar. I also supplemented vitamin D and magnesium as well as eating selenium naturally through Brazil nuts (2-4 pieces per day). A few months before this cycle, I regularly did acupuncture, which actually resulted in an extension of my luteal phase (11 high days), which was very positive. Likewise, I previously did a gallbladder and liver cleansing and bowel detoxification to cleanse my body of pollutants and toxins. After the cure, I also regularly drank intestinal bacteria dissolved in water. Most recently, I also got a B12 injection cure from my naturopath. My TSH has already gone down slightly from 7 to 6 as a result of these measures. However, it has already been an enormous success with the symptoms, because since I discontinued L-thyroxine and initiated the appropriate medical practice, I have had no significant side effects or discomfort of my thyroid gland any more. Previously, with L-thyroxine, I had experienced severe dizzy spells, hot flushes, fatigue, and severe morning lethargy.
Of course, I am aware that a TSH of 6 does not yet mean a cure and other reference values are recommended during pregnancy. For this reason, I am now still undergoing treatment with natural thyroid hormones contained in Globuli Thyrooidea – which has been shown to improve the TSH value for me from 6.19 to 4.48. Due to this, I with the consent of my naturopath have increased the dosage (from 3x one tablet each morning/afternoon/evening → now: three tablets a day and an additional tablet of T3 and T4 Globuli in the morning). I have not yet been able to check the effectiveness of the T3 and T4 Globuli as well as the overall new dosage since I have not gone for blood loss test yet. At the moment, I take two Thyreoidea tablets in the morning, two in the afternoon, and two in the evening at least 30 minutes before eating AND additionally ONLY one tablet of T3 Globuli and one of T4 Globuli ONLY in the morning. I will have the values checked at the next opportunity and will tell you about them here in the blog.

Conclusion and Outlook

Now getting pregnant is not so easy for many. I did it twice in the first cycle thanks to the Symptothermal Method and good luck. My prerequisite was certainly not optimal and Studies have proven that women get pregnant faster and more easily with the help of the Symptothermal Method. If you are interested – to start with – I recommend my Get Pregnant Starter Set. With my contribution, I want to give you hope that you can also succeed to get pregnant naturally – even if objectively, not everything seems to suggest that. Believe in yourself and also get to know about alternative natural methods in addition to conventional medicine – as these or the combination of which are often the key to getting pregnant.

PS: This article is for information only. No instructions for action can be derived from this. We do not accept any liability for any damage resulting from the application of the methods presented. Please always see a doctor before implementing the content.

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